Organic Walk ASO Case Study — Impressions Grew By 83% In 9 Days After The Release

Service: App Store Optimization.
Niche: mobile applications.
Team: RadASO.

Results: Impressions grew by 83% in 9 days after the release and continue to grow. Units, in turn, grew almost 5 times.

The Client

Organic Walk is a multifunctional application for keeping fit and feeling better. The app includes personalized workouts designed by walkers, steps and water tracker, and expert advice on healthy eating.

The Goal

To increase application visibility and encourage new downloads in selected regions by App Store optimization services.

The Solution

  • market and competitor analysis
  • collection of the semantic core
  • metadata update

With the help of our own tools, we managed to assemble a high-quality semantic core and increase the number of indexed general and branded search terms that were not previously in the metadata.

We updated metadata for 12 localizations: English (U.S.), Spanish (Mexico), English (Canada), French (Canada), Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil), French, German, Spanish (Spain), Catalan, Russian, and Ukrainian.

The Result

Search source Impressions grew by 83% in 9 days after the release and continue to grow. Units, in turn, grew almost 5 times. The most significant growth rates occurred in the US, France, Brazil, and Spain.

Let's consider the result in more detail.

In countries with well-developed localizations, we saw an increase in Impressions and New Downloads by Search.


New Downloads:

After updating localizations in the USA, we saw an increase in organic Impressions and Units, which is associated with the new high positions regarding the number of search terms in the search results.

United States, impressions:

New Downloads:

The app installs also increased in Brazil.

Brazil, impressions:

New Downloads:

We have also noticed a significant growth of installs and units in Spain and France after the release. Impressions in these countries increased several times compared to the same period before the release.

France, Spain – impressions:

New Downloads:

It's also worth noting the increase in conversion from an impression into installs after the release. This is because the app began indexing with more relevant queries that we added to the semantic core and metadata.

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