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Robokana Success Story: Increase in Impressions and Installs with Thoughtful ASO

Service: ASO.
Niche: Mobile applications.

Results: App showed an increase of + 180-200 impressions per day and + 30-40 installs.

The Client

Robokana is a handy app for Japanese language learners. This interactive tutorial-based app helps users to learn the Japanese alphabets and symbols of kana and kanji.

The Challenge

Our goal was to identify new growth points for the app. In the "Education" category of apps, the main source of traffic is often organic. Therefore, it is not surprising that the client chose ASO, since the purpose of the Robokana tool is to attract free users. Initially, a decision was made on a one-time iteration for 13 locales: English (Australia), English (UK), English (US), French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Catalan, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified).

The Solution

First of all, we conducted competitor analysis. Based on the number of installs and income of competitors in the niche, we decided on the key locales that were in need of optimization. Then, we gathered the most extensive semantic core and compiled new text metadata. With the help of cross-locales (remember, there are 5 locales in the USA), we managed to account for most of the important keywords.

The Results

Thanks to the new and improved keyword positions after metadata release, it was possible to increase both impressions and installs. According to our calculations, the increase comprised of an additional 180-200 impressions per day and 30-40 installs per day. This estimate includes keywords for which changes were made in the metadata.

Dynamics of the app impressions for the last month and a half. Impressions (Search) and Units (Organic):

 Organic impressions

Graph of impressions and installations:

 Graph of impressions and installations

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