Amrita Success Story: Revenue Rose by 172.72% and Number of Sessions Increased by 96.05%

Service: SEO.
Niche: Beauty and health. 

Results: Revenue rose by 172.72% and the number of sessions increased by 96.05%.

The Client

Amrita is a manufacturer of herbal products and dietary supplements for health and beauty, cosmetics, and eco-goods for the home. The company has been in the Ukrainian market for almost 20 years, and specializes in natural and environmentally-friendly products.

The Challenge

For this project, we had the following goals:

  1. Increase organic traffic from Google.
  2. Boost visibility of the site.
  3. Increase the number of transactions.
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The Solution

  1. General analysis of competitors. To better understand the theme, learn the niche, and create an initial project development strategy, we conducted competitor analysis using basic evaluation criteria and comparison of the site.  
  2. Structure extension. To increase the visibility of the site in search results, it was necessary to expand the semantic core and rank on new queries, which meant creating the necessary landing pages for each. Since the site is a single brand, there were limitations and it was not possible to create a branched structure. So, we expanded it with subcategories.  
  3. Backlinks. First, we consulted with the client to establish the priority categories for promotion. Then, we created a strategy for building up natural and permanent backlinks for the upcoming 3 months of partnership. 
  4. Writing texts for categories. At the start of our cooperation, the category pages did not have texts. We collected semantic core for the main pages. Based on semantic and text analysis of competitors, we prepared and handed over the technical task for texts, which were then written by the client's copywriters.
  5. Working with meta tags and micro-markup.
  6. General audit of usability.
  7. Preparation of a long-term marketing strategy for the development of the site. After three months of cooperation, all critical problems were eliminated. Therefore, the team began to prepare the long-term strategy  comparison of competitors, analysis of market shares, and traffic forecast.

The Results

Revenue rose by 172.72% and the number of sessions increased by 96.05%. There was a boost in visibility and new categories began to rank.


Julia Babak, Middle SEO Specialist, Netpeak:

We achieved this result thanks to the productive work of the Amrit and Netpeak teams. Thus, our recommendations on the project were implemented promptly and without long approvals. The implementation of a marketing strategy also helped, which answered many questions, for example, how to get the best result for a single-brand site when there is a limited product range.

Elena Kosar, head of the Internet marketing department of the Amrita group of companies:

Working with the agency helped to not only improve SEO performance, but also the overall quality of the site in terms of usability and design. We also received powerful marketing support during the work on the project. I would especially like to note that all proposals and terms of reference are accompanied by detailed arguments about the need for certain works and predicted results. It is further confirmed in practice in the form of growth for key indicators of our business. Thanks to teamwork, a well-designed strategy and professional support from Netpeak at every stage of the project, we can safely raise the bar of our achievements.

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