PPC 2.0: Why it is important for your business marketing campaign

A lot of well-built websites fail to get high traffic rates and are not generating sales. Why? Because apart from working on the site, you have to work on an effective marketing strategy that will be the voice of your website, encouraging people to evaluate its clear design and useful content.

Remember: having a website makes sense only if it is working for you. In case it fails to attract you the right audience and therefore help to sell more – your are wasting this excellent opportunity. Contextual advertising is one of the best solutions for starting to drive traffic to your website. It can help you attract the right people from search engines, social networks and other websites.

How it works? Context ads are set on a number of keywords and shown to people on the Web. When we talk about PPC 2.0, we mean that we specifically attract the audience that brings real profit – this is a brand new type of a contextual advertising campaign.

PPC: your hidden weapon

When people try to compare SEO and PPC, they usually see the key difference: PPC is faster, SEO is long-term. That is right, these two elements require different approaches and working styles, and they both give different results. Not better or worse – just different. And that’s what makes them a perfect team: they have opposing strengths and can mutually complement each other.

When you know you need PPC:

  • Quick results

When you start thinking about improving your marketing strategy, in the majority of cases SEO is the first to come to mind. However, it is impossible to produce a serious traffic growth with a couple of months and SEO alone, even if you have a top quality specialist.

Even if you hope to witness a miracle with a good content and amazing outreach, let’s be honest: PPC will give you a required traffic flow for a reasonable price. That does not nivelate the real necessity for every website in a well-organized SEO strategy, but keep in mind that there are cases when you need a qualified traffic produced just like that.

In particular, there can be a high necessity in a rapid traffic growth when working with timely events. In case you are working in a specific sphere that has its own popularity peaks, you won't be able to wait for the results, and PPC is able to give you reliable traffic growth in a shorter time period. PPC 2.0 will give you not only quantity, but also quality of produced traffic that will result in sales growth.

  • Retargeting (Display Ads)

When working with your target audience, it is always more potentially effective to address to the clients that are already interested in your site than to launch broader campaigns. With PPC 2.0, you will be able to reach users that have already visited your site or made a purchase, which will give a greater return on investment than just waiting newcomers to visit your site.

  • Target keywords are not organically ranking

There are always keywords that website will never be able to rank for the top five in SERP. For sure, there are always more specific terms that can be used to get to the top, but when talking about more general phrases that are also closely connected with your sphere, PPC can get you to the first place on the results page in a short period of time. It can also be used in periods of peak interest within the sphere you are working or to generally increase users’ interest in the type of your product or service.

  • More space in SERP

As two heads are better than one, two positions at the top in SERP are always better than one. When the site is displayed twice, the chances of attracting new clients double. In case you have a clear advertisement that is relevant to the right audience, you will for sure get a strong traffic growth that will convert into sales.

  • SEO suggestions

As I have mentioned above, PPC and SEO are a perfect match for a top quality marketing campaign. PPC can always help with developing a better SEO strategy with deeper keywords analysis and categorization. Data are collected more operatively and cover all used keywords, defining their real values.

Moreover, when you have defined the most valuable keywords and want to proceed your work with them, it is easier and quicker to test a keyword’s opportunity traffic and conversion rate with PPC than SEO. The data will be collected in real-time regime and it can also be customized in accordance with your needs: it is possible to collect it monthly or to wait till the click rate will reach the defined clickthrough rate. PPC 2.0 gets the overall research to the new level and all decisions are based on deeper analysis and more reliable data.

Focusing on the result

The main difference between PPC 2.0 and an ordinary advertising campaign is that PPC 2.0 has a direct objective: generating sales, and it is much more focused on achieving the defined aim. To gain the result, you have to set a specific business goal to increase sales and our team will focus on the elaboration of the most effective way of achieving it.

AD Automation

Working with clearly defined targets is important. But it is not the one and only solution for the contextual ad optimization. Automation is also one of the most important elements of contextual advertising as it is responsible for processing big amounts of data quickly and operatively, which guarantees you to receive the most relevant information in real time without any delays.

There are many tools that are specifically designed to proceed data and organize the process of its collecting, processing and distributing. Work with such services requires specific knowledge and experience. At Netpeak, we have developed such tools ourselves, which means that you do not have to spend time on seeking for the reliable product, pay extra money and spend extra time for its integration in the overall marketing campaign and hiring a specialist to work with data analysis. We have made our services as clear and easy to use as possible. Moreover, we take this responsibility on our side, so you do not have to worry about automating all internal processes.

In particular, we create ads with Auditor and optimize them with Foster. These tools allow us to work in 24/7 regime without losing quality. Our tools promptly update all ad campaigns and eliminate any flaw type in real time. Therefore, we maintain all aspects of each campaign and improve its quality at any time.

You as well have full 24/7 access to the campaign data and reports via your personal dashboard. We guarantee you to receive the most recent information at any time and from any place through all types of mobile devices. This makes it easier for you to control how the campaign is going even if you are on a trip, business meeting or vacation with your family.

Summarizing advantages

Although all of the aforementioned steps are necessary to follow, it is hard to take into account all the hidden stones without a serious experience and full understanding of all specific features of contextual advertising. Netpeak has over 1.5 thousand of successful projects and over a decade long experience in the asset that confirms our effectiveness and reliability. Within the years of your work, we succeeded in forming the best of the best PPC team, where each member has proved his/her productivity in practice.

Our long history of working with different projects is still our greatest achievement as our clients are selling hundreds of goods and services just at the moment you are reading this post. Isn’t that inspiring?

The truth is that we are not offering you a silver bullet, but we do know a way towards achieving your business goals with the right tools and a team of qualified specialists on board. We have already put all of this together and checked the effectiveness of our methodologies and reliability of our decisions in thousands of real projects.

So now you can forget about the contextual advertising of the past. PPC 2.0 is so much more than just online advertising.

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