Three Successful Hires in 12 Working Days – Asquad’s Case Study with Netpeak Talent


Region: Ukraine and Europe.

Vacancy: Java developer. 

Service: Filling of STANDARD-type positions.

Netpeak Talent team: Yulia Komarnytska (recruitment team leader), Yana Koziuchenko (sourcer), Anita Diachenko and Iryna Kudryk (recruiters).

The Client

In simple terms, a payment system can be defined as a set of software, hardware, and telecommunications technologies for cashless financial transactions. Asquad is one such payment platform that is built with a low-code engine. It aims to shorten the process of integrating a client into the system to within one day.

The Challenge

Since Asquad does not have its own recruitment department, the company contacted the Netpeak Talent team with an urgent request to find specialists for them. 

They emphasized the need for not only technical skills but also soft skills and competencies:

  1. Proactivity
  2. Autonomy
  3. Interpersonal skills
  4. Communication skills
  5. Accountability, or specifically, the ability to admit one’s mistake and fix it.

The Solution

First, we defined the portrait of an ideal specialist. This is important so that recruiters can create scorecards for the initial stages and interviews with candidates. It allowed us to target the most suitable specialists for the position.

Next, the Netpeak Talent team developed a sourcing and PR strategy that included:

  • Communicating with the most relevant professionals who were not looking for a job in our database and open sources.
  • Internal and external referrals.
  • Posting vacancies on specialized resources.

Our goal was to save the client’s and candidate’s time and find the perfect match.

Then, we agreed on the key points of the search process:

  1. At the CV screening stage (initial rapid processing), we selected candidates with the necessary software skills for the client, namely Java 17, Spring, RabbitMQ, Kafka, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Consul, Vault, Docker, and GIT.
  2. We created scorecards to evaluate the candidates.
  3. We also created questions that assessed the key competencies of the candidates for the client.

The Netpeak Talent recruiters interviewed 33 candidates before the company’s CTO and Java Tech Lead joined the process. We presented four candidates to them, and three of them received offers. 

The conversion rate from Netpeak Talent recruiter interviews (33 interviews) to client interviews (4 interviews) is 12%.

The conversion rate from the technical client interviews to receiving an offer is 75%.

What made the hiring process successful?

A few factors made this recruitment process particularly effective and seamless.

  1. There was clear and fast communication between the Netpeak Talent team and the hiring managers at all stages of the recruitment process.
  2. We had created a clearly defined candidate search plan.
  3. We could accurately filter candidates based on our portrait of the ideal specialist for the role. Importantly, this took into account the candidate’s soft skills and motivation.

The Results

A general funnel:

  • Total candidates contacted: 159
  • Killer questions* sent by the agency: 33
  • Killer questions reviewed by the agency: 33
  • 1st interviews conducted: 33
  • 2nd interviews conducted: 4
  • Offers made: 3
  • Offers accepted: 3
  • Offers rejected: 0

*Killer questions are additional questions asked before the first interview to ensure that we invite the right candidates to interview.

In total, the process of closing vacancies for Asquad took 12 business days.


We decided to contact Netpeak Talent based on a recommendation. What stood out the most in our cooperation was the speed, proactivity, and structured approach of the recruiters.

The team that conducted the interviews on our side was very busy, but the Netpeak Talent folks regularly reminded us of the necessary actions and did not leave anything to chance. The agency offered various options for filling vacancies, so we did not have any difficulties. I am personally satisfied with the team and have received good feedback from my colleagues.

Alyona, Operations Manager at Asquad.

We knew that our cooperation with Asquad would be successful early on at the position briefing. Stanislav and Olena had a clear understanding of the type of person they needed in their team, and they were able to communicate this vision to us. After 10 days and 2 final interviews, a Middle Java Developer joined their team! :) In my opinion, the recruiter’s understanding of who they were looking for and why was 50% of the success.

Anita Dyachenko, Recruiter.

In short, our collaboration with Asquad involved:

  • A clear vision of the portrait of the ideal candidate for the role.
  • Fast, effective action during the search for a specialist.
  • Providing a positive impression of technical interviews for candidates.

Yana Kozyuchenko, Sourcer.

Top of the top recruiters with whom it is a pleasure to work🔥
A clear understanding of who to look for from the beginning.
Quick to process and guide candidates through.
Adequate pay, benefits, etc. 
Pleasant atmosphere.
Clear feedback.

Iryna Kudryk, Recruiter.

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