Ukrposhta Case Study: How to Build Brand Awareness, Get Quality Traffic, and Improve Conversion Rate with Display&Video360

Service: PPC

Niche: Postal and logistics services.

Results: We reached 85% of the audience for certain campaigns and increased the conversion rate by 124 times.

The Client

Ukrposhta is the main postal administration in Ukraine. It provides a full range of high-quality and affordable postal, logistics, and financial services.

It has convenient online services, including a personal account, a chatbot, and a mobile application. Ukrposhta offers shipments within Ukraine and also to and from abroad.

The Challenge

Our task was to use advertising campaigns to inform users about new or renewed company services, promotions, and special offers. We aimed to reach a maximum target audience.

The campaigns were divided into two areas: B2B and B2C.

The Solution

We used two advertising tools:

  • Display&Video360 — a platform from Google that offers more options than the usual Google Ads.
  • Admixer Trade Desk — a tool to buy online advertising.

Let's take a look at the specific campaigns we conducted. 

"New Year’s Postal Residence" advertising campaign (B2C)

This campaign had a unique goal: to inform parents that Ukrposhta is a postal residence that can deliver children's letters to Santa Claus, and in return, children will receive holiday cards from him.

To understand the potential target audience, we used DV360's planner feature. We set up all the targeting data (geography, interests, etc.) and got a coverage forecast. In this campaign, it amounted to 5.78 million people.

To reach out to parents, we used both DV360 and Admixer Trade Desk tools. We placed both standard ad creatives and Rich media creatives such as Mobile Halfscreen and Catfish.

A standard banner placement with DV360 and Admixer Trade Desk:

A placement with Catfish:

A placement on Mobile Halfscreen:

To identify the most relevant audience, we segmented the audience by interest into the following categories.

  • Standard Google Audience interests: those related to parenthood and everything related to it.
  • Custom Affinity audience: a list of interests and URLs of specific pages related to children's products, for example, clothing or toys.
  • Custom Intent audience: a list of the most recent key Google search queries related to the intention to purchase children's products.

Using this method, we identified the target audience we needed, namely, parents.

Here are the key media indicators based on the campaign results.

  1. Display&Video360:

  1. The overall results according to media indicators from December 7 to December 25, 2022:





13 664 777

4 253 433

47 143


  1. We also analyzed the number of conversions that occurred after users viewed the ad or didn’t view the ad.

Users who viewed the ad

Users who didn’t view the ad*




*Users who didn’t see the ad were those who came from search engine results pages.

Two other large-scale advertising campaigns were done:

1. "New Year’s Business" advertising campaign (B2B).

Campaign goal: Reach online buyers and users who have bought online at least once. The main goal was to get them to order goods from companies that send parcels via Ukrposhta.
Target audience size: 5.54 million, including the targeting in December 2022.

General media indicators from December 12 to December 25, 2022:





12 421 978

4 690 660

55 077


Conversions that occurred after users saw the ad or didn’t see the ad.

Users who saw the ad

Those who didn’t see the ad*




*Users who didn’t see the ad were those who came from search engine results pages.

2. Black Friday ad campaign (B2С).

Campaign goal: Increase the number of deliveries from online stores by Ukrposhta during the Black Friday period.
Target audience size: According to the DV360 scheduler, the target audience size was 5.23 million, taking into account the targeting in November 2022.

We achieved this campaign goal using Standard Display placement with the Display&Video360 tool.

General media indicators from November 22 to December 11, 2022:





5 751 763

2 075 465

11 375


Conversions that occurred after users saw the ad or didn’t see the ad.

Users who saw the ad

Users who didn’t see the ad*




*Users who didn’t see the ad were those who came from search engine results pages.

The Results

All three campaigns led to an increase in conversions. Here is a detailed breakdown of the results.

  1. “The New Year's Eve Postal Residence” campaign. In this campaign, we reached 73.5% of the target audience. We also boosted the number of conversions on the landing page with display ads by almost four times during the campaign period from December 7 to December 25, 2022.
  2. “New Year’s Business” campaign. We reached 84.7% of the target audience. At the same time, we increased the number of conversions on the landing page by a whopping 124 times! Before this campaign, the page did not get good traffic through the organic channel, but advertising made a significant difference. 
  3. “Black Friday” campaign. This campaign was active from November 22 to December 11, 2022. During this period, we reached 39.7% of the target audience. Not only that, we also increased the number of conversions on the landing page with display ads by seven times.

In total, during the period of cooperation with Ukrposhta from August to December 2022, we had 15 campaigns, three of which had 4 to 5 flights each. Each of these campaigns showed successful outcomes in terms of media performance and optimization. With regards to analytics, all campaigns brought high-quality traffic to the website. 


Oleksandr Chizhevsky, Head of Digital at Ukrposhta

We get each partner through a tender on the Prozorro platform. To be able to participate in it, you need to meet high qualification standards, as not all agencies are able to do this. 

Netpeak proved to be very effective even before the tender itself — their attention to detail allowed them to properly evaluate the request and understand their capabilities. This is a significant point because a completely different reality may emerge during the work process than the one you had imagined before.

I'd like to point out that my colleagues are very competent in DV360. We have never received such good results using this tool before.

Of course, there were issues with some advertising campaigns, but since we worked in a win-win style, we could easily resolve all problems. 

Our colleagues clearly understood the goals that we wanted to achieve. And this was the key to good results.

While working with us, the Netpeak team has confirmed and consolidated their professionalism in the eyes of the Ukrposhta team. Thank you!

Andriy Tomash, Project Manager at Enterprise Department, Netpeak 

A clear understanding of the needs and requests of the business gives rise to professional solutions from the project team. It is how we produce outstanding results and satisfy the client's needs. This rule applies at all stages of interaction between the agency and the client.

The primary task for the project team was to ensure that Ukrposhta had an effective media presence online during the crisis. We aimed to reach the target audience and inform them about current services, changes in the work of branches in specific locations in Ukraine, and so on.

It was important for the client to increase not only their reach but also targeted traffic that converts to the website, which is usually done with performance tools. We used a number of media tools, the main one being DV360 from Google.

Our extensive experience of working with DV360 enabled us to achieve our goals and exceed the expectations of the client.

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