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Netpeak pricing is different for every project depending on its challenges, goals and existing competition. To figure out the exact price for your case or get a free SEO consultation please contact our managers or fill our form.

Now we offer two major work schemes designed to fit all your needs:

SEO Boost

We choose and you confirm the most effective keywords for your case. Then our SEO measures come in, and depending on several factors, your site will be visible in major and most popular search engines in 4-6 month. After half-a-year you`ll see impressive results, expressed in number of clients, profit, and popularity.

Pricing for this scheme is

  • Website optimization
  • Linkbuilding
  • Reviews
  • Web-Analytics
  • Usability

Our SEO specialist and analytical department work

Staying in touch with analytical department is important mainly because they quickly and efficiently overcome any changes in search engine algorithms.

SEO Consulting +

In most challenging and interesting cases it`s better to choose SEO consulting + scheme. There is a fixed charge for our job, but spending on links and desired actions can be discussed and changed depending on phase of project, competitors activities and advertising strategy.

We work by the same side, do our best to solve your problems, achieve our goals and propose secure, reliable tactics for every step of your website promotion.

So basically the benefits of this scheme comes to life when your budget is over $1600 per month and you want to spend more on variable costs, such as links, reviews and ads, without increasing personnel costs.

How much does the contextual advertising cost?

There’s an old Russian saying: measure seven times and cut once. If you replace the word “cut” with “click”, you’ll get the process how does the contextual advertising work.

This service is a good addition to site promotion service and it’s effective if used on its own. Everything depends the project, that’s why it’s so important to spend the budget as wise as it possible. Feedback and sales are the best indicators of an effective advertising campaign.

Netpeak context advertising specialists are Google Adwords qualified individuals. They optimize, analyse and enhance our clients’ advertising campaigns constantly.

If you have any questions or ready to order the contextual advertising service, please contact us here.

The budget on contextual advertising Adwords Commission
$100 and higher 15%

How much does the usability audit service cost?

Service Price ($) Period (work days)
UX Audit 500 & higher 10
Usability test of a site 500 & higher 15

Advertising in social networks

SMM is an important part of marketing mix and we offer the complex social media marketing services to promote your company, brand, products or services on the web.

Today many people consider social networks a synonym of an internet. It’s not enough to have a site, even if it’s well promoted on the web. Today you have to communicate with your potential clients. You may use the social networks to manage reputation, increase loyalty and promote your business. Social networks allow to get news, to follow discounts and sales, to ask questions and be in touch with the company. According to statistics, people trust recommendations made by their friends and also search engine results the most when looking for something.

What social networks do we mean? First of all, Facebook and its Russian analog Vkontakte (if you want to conquer the clients from Russia, Ukraine), Youtube and Twitter. We also run campaigns in less popular and more specific networks: from Myspace to Linkedin. An average price of a complex promotion at one chosen social network starts from $500 per month.

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