BS-Partner Success Story: How To Land a Monobrand Online Store on the List of Top 10 Players in the Niche

Service: SEO.

Niche: Household appliances.

Results: Achieved an almost sixfold increase in website visibility for priority categories.

The Client

BS-partner is one of the largest official dealers of BOSCH and SIEMENS household appliances in Ukraine with over 60 official stores in 20 Ukrainian cities. It also has offline stores located in Estonia and Latvia.

The Challenge

The Netpeak team was faced with the following tasks.

  • Boost targeted organic traffic.
  • Increase visibility of BS-Partner within non-brand requests.
  • Improve priority categories ranking.

The challenge was quite significant since the niche of household appliances was oversaturated. Its main players included large online-stores and marketplaces offering products in multiple categories.

Distribution of the market shares between main players as of the commencement of works

The Solution

  1. We conducted technical optimization by:
  • optimizing web pagination;
  • correcting bugs in website language settings;
  • fixing bugs in Sitemap.xml;
  • correctly setting up redirects;
  • creating the correct Robots.txt file;
  • limiting indexation of separate website pages with the help of search robots;
  • determining canonical URL;
  • removing broken links;
  • increasing the speed of downloading websites while also improving the Core Web Vitals indicators. 95.6% of the BS-partner webpages made it to the green zone of the Core Web Vitals indicators for the mobile version, and 99% of the pages achieved the same for the desktop version;
  • changing the structure of headlines on website pages;
  • changing micro-layout of information on the website;
  • improving image resolution.
  1. Our internal development enabled us to conduct daily monitoring of all possible alterations and to promptly respond to them in case of bugs.
  2. Content work. In order to enhance efficiency, this kind of work was conducted while taking seasonal categories of key requests into consideration.
  3. Increasing the total number of links.
  4. After critical bugs were fixed, we prepared the ground for strategy promotion for the next year.

The main KPI outlined for this project:

  • year-on-year growth of organic traffic;
  • rise in profits from organic traffic;
  • increased website visibility for relevant requests;
  • growth of market share taken by the website.

The Results

  1. Within priority categories, the website’s visibility demonstrated a nearly sixfold increase from 1.86% to 10.72%.

  1. Organic traffic increased by 59% as compared with traffic of the previous year.
  2. The share of non-brand organic traffic increased from 71% to 90%:
  3. The market share taken by BS-Partner showed a fourfold increase from 0.93% to 3.81%. BS-Partner has become one of the top 10 players on the market.


Oksana Lysenko, СМО BS-partner:

Our company was faced with the task of reaching a new level, which is why we decided to find a partner who would help us implement our ambitious plans. We picked Netpeak as they are market leaders who had by then achieved decent results while working with other businesses. Our impeccable communication with the Netpeak team merits a separate mention. They always respond to my requests providing prompt assistance even when it comes to non-standard issues. The main indicator of our successful cooperation, though, are the great results: we have managed to achieve a suBStantial increase in the website traffic and conversion.

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