Colin’s Success Story: Increased ROAS by 110% in Six Months

Service: PPC.

Niche: Apparel.

Results: ROAS increased by 110% in six months and number of transactions increased by 60%.

The Client

Colin’s is a Turkish company founded in Istanbul. Established in 1983, the company specializes in the production of jeans, as well as women's and men's clothing. With departments in more than 40 countries, they are leaders in the denim clothing production of Europe. We have been cooperating since the summer of 2021.

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The Challenge

The main goal of cooperation was to double the number of orders (up to 1000 per month) while maintaining the conversion rate. The other goal was to increase and maintain the profitability of the advertising campaigns.

The Solution

  1. Restructured advertising campaigns to improve the quality of keywords and increase relevance of ads.
  2. Expanded semantics in search campaigns.
  3. Disabled off-season categories.
  4. Adjusted ads conversion tag and data-driven attribution in order to obtain get more conversion data.
  5. Set up dynamic remarketing code to improve Smart Shopping performance.
  6. Prescribed recommendations for the Merchant Center feed.
  7. Launched a Smart Shopping campaign instead of a regular campaign, which increased the profitability of the advertising campaign.
  8. Implemented auto-strategies in ad campaigns.

The Results

  1. Profit increased by 70.4%:

  1. Price per click decreased by 38%:

  1. Conversion rate increased by 24%.
  2. Number of transactions increased by 60%:

  1. ROAS increased by 110%:

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