How to Make Ad Campaigns Profitable and Scale Them by 400% — Lascos Case for Cosmetology Equipment

Service: PPC.
Niche: Import of medical equipment and supplies.

Results: Number of conversions increased by 282%. The number of leads rose by 408% while their cost decreased by 33%.

The Client

Lascos is an official importer of cosmetology equipment and medicine. The company brings products manufactured in the USA, Europe, and Israel to the Ukraine market. The challenging part was that the company was using Google Ads display advertisement but did not understand its effectiveness.

The Challenge

Our main goal was to make ad campaigns more profitable and increase sales in specific categories.

The Solution

During our cooperation, we developed a promotion strategy that included:

  • Setting up conversion tracking for evaluating the effectiveness of traffic channels.
  • Setting up Google search ads.
  • Setting up social media campaigns to attract new users.
  • Optimizing the conversion rate of the site, i.e., increasing the percentage of visitors who performed targeted actions.

The Results

  1. Ad campaign. In the first month, we received 50 applications at the price of 21.60 USD. As a result of our strategy, we were able to scale the ad campaign up to 254 applications in January 2022 for only 14 USD. Essentially, there was a 408% increase in the number of leads while the cost decreased by 33%. According to the client, the campaigns were profitable.
  2. Website optimization. In the first month, the conversion rate was 0.99%. After the January results, it went up to 3.78%, i.e., an increase of 282%. 


Dana Ostrovets, Project Manager at Netpeak:

We started our cooperation with calculated steps. Everything happened gradually: considering the necessary changes on the website, increasing the advertising budget, and implementing those changes. This helped us to build trust between our different teams. We regularly checked the status of the situation with the client and synchronized our actions accordingly.
As a consequence of these changes, Lascos and Netpeak team could achieve excellent results in 6 months.

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