OLX (by Naspers) PPC Case Study – 50,000 Clients Ready to Launch Their Online Stores

Results: Found 50,000 entrepreneurs ready to launch their stores on OLX.

The Client

OLX.ua is one of the largest ad services in Ukraine. Part of the OLX Group, it operates in more than 30 countries worldwide (300 mln MAU). OLX offers ads to find and rent apartments, sell and buy products, find employees, develop businesses, and much more. In Ukraine, 1 in 3 smartphones have the OLX app installed.

As one of Netpeak's very first clients, OLX has been collaborating with us since 2007 in various areas including PPC (search, display ads and app promotion), SEO and ASO. Since the beginning of 2020, they have started working towards B2B (business-to-business) by getting entrepreneurs to run and develop their businesses on OLX.

Now, there are more than two million ads on the website by businesses. About 25% of sellers on OLX are entrepreneurs. Currently, there are approximately 26 thousand OLX-stores on the platform.

The Challenge

OLX management set a goal for Netpeak to increase the number of business page owners. Reaching out to entrepreneurs online is a challenging task, but we accomplished it. In one and a half years, we found 50,000 clients willing to set up their businesses on OLX.

The main goals of the B2B-project were to raise the number of active users on the website, and increase revenue from small and medium businesses that use OLX stores.

We primarily looked for:

  • small and medium business owners;
  • private sector sellers with large assortment of products for sale;
  • private sector sellers with a small assortment of goods, that were interested in paid advertisement of goods on OLX;
  • individuals who had started selling online recently.

While creating the advertisement, it is was challenging to distinguish such an audience. Therefore, we defined everyone as representatives of businesses of one size or another, and used a single message “Establish your business on OLX by creating your own store”.

The Solution

First, it is important to understand that businesspeople should be addressed specifically; developing a website and attempting to obtain targeted traffic from a search platform is almost impossible. Therefore, we immediately relied on the following display advertisements:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Viber
  • Telegram

We designed accurate lead forms. It was critical for us to identify the intention of the lead, readiness to purchase ad packages, business size and experience in online sales. As a result, we applied:

  • form on landing page;
  • lead forms on Facebook Ads;
  • lead forms on Marquiz;
  • chatbot on Facebook Ads;
  • Telegram/Viber chatbot.

The Results

  1. We attracted more than 50,000 entrepreneurs who wanted to set up their online stores on OLX.
  2. The costs of attracting potential OLX store owners was reduced by 26%.
  3. Campaigns with the chatbot for Telegram and Viber showed particularly good results the cost of a lead was 15% lower than on other sites.
  4. After the implementation of campaign optimization operations, we began to transfer significantly fewer leads to managers, but the quality of the leads improved. If it was 65-70% of all leads before, in October it was approximately 33%. Two-thirds of all attracted leads received an email and independently got acquainted with information about the OLX store. This led to an additional 38% increase in conversions of leads to OLX store owners.


Elene Kushina, Project Manager of Classifieds Department

Elene Kushina, Project Manager of Classifieds Department:

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the teams – ours and OLX – we managed to establish a clear flow of lead generation, transfer of leads to the client and participate in optimizing the work of managers for business clients. Constant work with new sources, audiences and tools allowed us to improve the efficiency of this area, as well as significantly reduce the cost of lead attraction.

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