Bekker Success Story: Revenue Growth by 500%

Service: PPC.
Niche: Gardening supplies.

Results: Revenue growth by 173.76% in Ukraine, 450% in Romania, and 560.3% in Poland.

The Client

Becker is an online store selling seeds, seedlings, and bulbs. For over 15 years, they have been helping gardeners turn their ideas into reality. Becker's branch offices deliver planting material from leading agricultural companies to Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Romania, and Poland. Not only that, Becker also provides professional advice on growing and caring for plants.

We have been cooperating since 2014, providing services that are tightly linked to revenue, ad spend, and ROI through last click attribution in Google Analytics. For a long time, this produced good results, but due to the changing market, new competitors are emerging and the cost per click is increasing.

The Challenge

To meet the previous KPI targets for the ad spending share, we had to slow down, remove "expensive" campaigns, and lower bids. The share of spending on remarketing and brand search was growing, while the share of spending on customer acquisition campaigns was decreasing. This led to audience burnout and sales decrease, not only from paid traffic sources but all of them. Essentially, we had hit the ceiling and were caught in a vicious circle.

The Solution

After analysing advertising activity over the past three years, we identified the main growth opportunity — increase top-of-the-funnel traffic in order to cover the shortage of new customers.

That is, we aimed to bring new visitors who do not pay off by last-click attribution, but instead complete transactions in branded, remarketing, and smart shopping campaigns. As the CPA for such visitors is much higher than normal, we implemented the following steps.

  1. Switched the conversion and revenue tracking to the 'ads' tag.
  2. Switched all campaigns to automated bidding strategies.
  3. Ran performance media with post-view analytics and used multi-channel sequences to measure campaign results.
  4. Launched video campaigns.
  5. Launched discovery campaigns.
  6. Initiated SNDS campaigns.

The Results

While launching advertising campaigns to a wide audience did not pay off with the classic attribution model, it helped increase the number of active website users and grow conversion campaigns several times over. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of not only the individual campaigns but also their effects on the overall performance of the online store. The results obtained during the season speak for themselves.

  1. In Ukraine, the number of transactions grew by 168.86% and revenue increased by 173.76%.
  2. In Romania, the number of transactions grew by 446.08% and revenue increased by 450.03%.
  3. In Poland, the number of transactions grew by 544.85% and revenue increased by 560.3%.


Elena Kavchak, PM Netpeak:

Let me summarize how we achieved the results:

  1. Took a different approach to data and used a non-default attribution model;
  2. Changed the attribution model and switched to the Google Ads tag;
  3. Enabled automatic strategies and proper bid management;
  4. Enabled post-view analytics for display campaigns and videos;
  5. Launched new types of campaigns to expand our audience.

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