Eda.ua Success Story: Growth in Organic Traffic by 331.5% in 6 Months

Service: SEO.
Niche: Food delivery.

Results: Increase in number of visitors by 381% and organic traffic by 331.5%.

The Client

The site is a relatively new project. Audit realization took client’s programmers almost 2 months; however, we could then organize a quicker and better-coordinated process to implement recommendations.

The Challenge

  1. Increase target traffic.
  2. Increase the number of transactions.
  3. Perform internal optimization of the site.

The Solution

  1. Semantic core was made.
  2. URL forming algorithm was formed.
  3. XML and HTML maps were created for each subdomain, Robots.txt was formed, and cross-link system X-Reference was implemented.
  4. Separate technical requirements for implementing product (food) cards on the site were compiled; these included description of meta tags and texts generation.
  5. Recommendations were made for the copywriting organization on the site and content was structured in terms of [SEO 2.0].
  6. Worked on building quality links.

The Results

  1. Growth in page views by 78.44%.
  2. Growth in the number of new visitors by 381%.
  3. Growth in organic traffic from May to December by 331.5%.

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