GoldLaser Success Story: How to Get 174% More Calls with Video Ads

Service: PPC.

Niche: Cosmetology and surgery.

Results: We increased the conversion rate for branded traffic and increased the site's conversion rate from 3.73% to 4.91%.

The Client

Gold Laser is a European high-end cosmetology clinic in Kyiv.

The Challenge

Contextual advertising was bringing in a sufficient amount of calls, but the client wanted to scale up their business and set a new goal to increase the number of patients by 50%, without increasing the costs of attracting a call.

Certain peculiarities of the industry made the task difficult. Cosmetology and surgery are high loyalty sectors, and it's not easy to lure an experienced customer. Therefore, we focused on attracting "newcomers" who had not used cosmetology services before or did not have a preferred clinic.

The Solution

  1. Choice of advertising focus area. After analyzing the marketing background and key indicators, we started with branding as it often appeals to new patients. Do note that this approach does not produce the same CPA growth as, for example, the promotion of specific services.
  2. Choice of advertising format. We decided to opt for video advertising, which enabled us to explain our services to unprepared potential clients in great detail.
  3. Features of the footage structure. Our commercial contained the following elements:
  • The introductory part was an overall brief description with an average duration of 10-15 seconds.
  • Doctor's speech — this part lasted 10-15 seconds and announced the service.
  • Details about the service — detailed explanatory video of about 150-240 seconds.

TrueView In-Stream integration allowed the client to avoid unnecessary expenditure on untargeted views by filtering out uninterested users as they turned off the video in the first 15-25 seconds.

  1. Our team created a YouTube account and linked it to Google Ads.
  2. We made lists of target audiences, set up targeting for the selected segments in Google Ads, and launched video ads.

The Results

In the first month, the number of branded queries increased insignificantly. However, just one month later, users googled our client four times more often:

лазерная_результат 1

Then, the number of requests went down due to the seasonality of the business, but the conversion rate kept growing:

лазерная_результат 2

By implementing video advertising, we achieved the following:

  • Conversion rate for branded traffic showed a clear increase.
  • The number of calls went up by 174%.
  • The price of customer referrals was reduced.
  • Website conversion rate was increased from 3.73% to 4.91%.

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