Case Study: How to Reduce Cost Per Conversion by 33% and Grow CR by 67%

Service: PPC.

Niche: Office supplies, stationery.

Results: The business adapted to the pandemic and achieved pre-pandemic performance.

The Client

As an online store selling office, warehouse, and industrial goods, Office Expert provides customers in Kazakhstan, from local entrepreneurs to renowned large businesses, with the goods and services necessary to ensure their offices run smoothly.

The Challenge

We aimed to achieve pre-pandemic level income and performance figures in the summer.

The Solution

  1. First, we improved the management and communication between the client and the agency. We decided to increase the frequency of meetings and hold them weekly since we couldn't wait for delays during the lockdown. To improve synchronization and consistency of tasks, we prepared a workspace in Trello.
  2. We then worked on detailed reports for campaign optimization.
  3. Quick launch of relevant categories. In 2020, one of the critical conditions for office work was the availability of personal protective equipment. We developed and added a section on the site called "Personal Protective Equipment". We promptly launched these categories in sales campaigns and worked through the semantics in search campaigns.
  4. Next, we switched to auto-strategies in Google Ads.
  5. We also switched to dollars in Google Analytics. Netpeak experts hypothesized that a revenue currency change in Google Analytics would positively impact the training for the Target ROI strategy, and our hypothesis proved to be true.
  6. Finally, we performed optimization of trade campaigns in Google Ads.

The Results

The dynamics in the summer period leveled off and showed consistently high results.

Compared with winter and early spring, the summer period showed improved performance as a result of transaction-boosting strategies.

  1. Advertising costs dropped by 13.75%.
  2. The transactions increased by 27.75%.
  3. The transaction rate went up by 67.46%.
  4. The price per transaction decreased by 32.49%.


Rustem Azimkhanov, Project Manager at Netpeak:

It was difficult to work during the lockdown due to unpredictable conditions, so we set tasks separately for each week.

A clear understanding of areas of responsibility and complete immersion in the project — this is the key to success.

This work format allowed us to control the timing and quality of tasks.

The team gained tremendous experience, which will help us in the future to achieve better results on the project.

Daniyar Shaimergenov, CMO at Office Expert:

I am grateful to project managers (PM+IM) for showing flexibility in communication and initiative. When working with an agency, symbiosis is always essential: agency + client. Many people have this wrong attitude: they think payment for service is more than enough, and the rest of the responsibility lies with professionals.

No doubt, the choice of agency is an important task, but do not forget that the provision of services by the agency will be much more effective with constant and systematic communication (small daily touches + weekly meetings) with the responsible agency representatives. Only through proper communication can one effectively and organically develop the progress of the advertising campaign and get the desired results.

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