Outpost Club Success Story: How Website Conversion Can be Increased by 32% Within Three Months

Service: РРС.

Niche: Housing rental.

Region: USA.

Results: Co-living occupancy rate of 95% for the housing rental service.

The Client

Outpost Club offers rental apartments for digital nomads, students, and those willing to plunge into the atmosphere of New York or Philadelphia. The company offers a 'living-together' format of apartments such as co-living spaces, dormitories, and rooms. Modern apartments are available at a reasonable price.

The main distinguishing feature of the company is that it takes care of the communities living in the houses and responsibly selects its tenants. The company also guarantees the security and comfort of the people living in these houses.

The Challenge

  1. To regularly increase the occupancy of the houses by the end of the month from 85% to 95%.
  2. To increase the number of applications submitted from the website by 50% within 3 months.

The Solution

  1. We set up the conversion of import from Google Analytics into Google Ads.
  2. We sent the terms of reference marked «not set» for developers. If we did not do this, the source would be lost due to incorrectly set UTM parameters.
  3. We added audiences split into categories and remarketing audiences in survey mode which were not covered by our targeting. The former could be used within the framework of media campaigns, while the latter may be used for obtaining additional signals during the process of campaign optimization.
  4. Having collected a sufficient amount of data for optimization, we employed the ICPA autostrategy.

The ICPA strategy implies that more data for optimization, more conversions can be generated. Accordingly, a lower price per click can be achieved.

  1. We began improving the keyword parameters. At the same time, the steps that we deemed necessary and worth regular implementation were the following:
  • Moderation of search queries and locations for media campaigns;
  • Turning off ineffective key words;
  • Extension of semantics;
  • Reallocation of budgets to more effective campaigns.
  1. We shortened the website usability form, which led to an increase in the number of forms filled out.

The Results

Within three months of working on the project, we managed to:

  • Lower the price per click by 33%;
  • Increase traffic by 41% while spending less;
  • Grow the number of applications submitted on the website by 32%;
  • Decrease the conversion costs by 27%.

We also achieved a monthly co-living occupancy rate of 95% and managed to deliver on the planned number of conversions after three months of work.


Alexandra Kurchenko, Pre-Middle Project Manager at Netpeak:

«Let's give it a shot» — this is a phrase we dream of hearing every time we put new ideas across or come up with plans aimed to improve a project.

Since Netpeak and Outpost have been on the same wavelength from the very beginning, this phrase has been spoken on many an occasion. The readiness to go for new suggestions, do research and fulfill tasks, or, in short, the readiness to try things out is something that has enabled us to reach good results.

Evgeny Molchanov, CTO of Outpost Club:

We were won over by Netpeak's approach to cooperation. At the very beginning, we identified all potential risks associated with the specifics of the site as well as the areas of responsibility.

The results of working with the Netpeak team fully met our expectations thanks to high team involvement and the streamlined communication.

We are satisfied with the results and hope to get even higher occupancy rates in the future.

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