Secunda Success Story: How to Make Campaigns with 400% ROI Using Targeting Ads on Facebook

Service: РРС.

Niche: Online watch store.

Results: Our campaigns reached 400% ROI in a month.

The Client

Secunda is a famous online watch store that operates all over Ukraine. Its brand story started in 1992 with an offline store in Kiev. Today, there are more than 30 Sweden, Japanese, American, French, Austrian, German and other European watch brands and accessories on the website. 

The Challenge

The client set a goal to increase revenue through a new traffic channel. After conducting an analysis of these channels, we chose Facebook. Social media enables flexible targeting, and various campaign and ad types are available as well.

The Solution

We started with dynamic remarketing and conversion campaigns. During optimization, we took into account all information such as gender, age, and user interests.

We launched catalog ads to the new audience the analog of shopping campaigns. 

To launch the campaigns correctly, the following actions were taken.

  1. First, we set up Facebook Pixel.
  2. For dynamic remarketing and conversion campaigns, we set up 3 events.
  • ViewContent — product card view.
  • AddToCart — add to cart.
  • Purchase — successful purchase.
  1. Uploaded product feed. 

Campaign setting features:

  • dynamic remarketing to users who had added a product to the cart;
  • conversion ads with discount offers and purchase optimization;
  • catalog ads targeting a new audience;
  • instant experience with a connected product catalog was used as an ad format. During testing, this format was found to be more effective than standard pictures or carousel ads.

Most technical tasks were done by the client for Google Ads. We adapted the necessary settings through Google Tag Manager.

The Results

In just a month, our campaigns reached ROI of 400%.

Campaign cost-to-revenue ratio

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