Secunda Advertising Case Study: How to Get More Than 13,000 Offline Store Visits With Local Google Campaigns

Service: PPC.

Niche: Online watch store.

Results: We obtained more than 13 thousand leads with an average price of $0.24 per conversion. 

The Client

Secunda is a watch retailer with 32 stores in 14 Ukrainian cities. They sell wristwatches, wall or table clocks, floor clocks, and Casio musical instruments. The store has a variety of men's, women's, and children's watches.

The Challenge

At the beginning of January 2020, we received access to the closed beta testing of the then-new Google tool – local campaigns. During the next promotion in Secunda's offline stores, we decided to engage local campaigns to encourage users to visit the stores and make a purchase. 

The Solution

  1. The local campaigns aim to attract more visitors to your store or office. To provide the tool with the addresses of the branches you intend to advertise, you have to either activate your Google My Business account or set up the Affiliate Addresses extension.
  2. The next step involves setting up the conversions. Remember to assign a value to the conversions! Otherwise, there is a risk of losing statistics. 
  3. Prepare your creatives.
  4. Finally, launch the local campaign. Use the following resources to display your ads: 
  • On Google maps – for users who are looking for company addresses;
  • On Google search network – when user requests are related to the area of your company and addresses of its branches;
  • On YouTube – when there is a high probability of users clicking on ads;
  • On contextual media networks – for relevant resources and with optimized placements to draw more attention to the store.

In our case, we advertised all the company's store addresses. However, if you need to promote specific addresses or a specific city, you can create groups of addresses. 

In the advanced settings, you can activate a feed of the local product assortments.

The Results

The client provided $3,000 for the use of local campaigns. We ended up with 13,189 conversions, of which 139 calls to the store and 13,050 routes to the stores were made on Google Maps. The average price was $0.24 per conversion. 

For comparison, with a $3,000 budget in smart sale campaigns, the cost to attract a customer at that time was $29.98, 125 times more expensive than local campaigns.


Anna Samus, Project Manager at Netpeak:

An important contributing factor to efficiency is the well-coordinated work of the client, agency, and Google management teams. The latter promptly gave feedback and helped overcome difficult situations, including information on actual orders.

The first key to success on the client side was the willingness to test a new tool, and on the side of agency specialists was to offer innovation and apply their field knowledge.

Maxim Potapov, the head of online store

We entrusted the store promotion to Netpeak due to the high expertise of the team. In particular, I would like to highlight their fast response and effective campaign management.

The team's comprehensive approach to solving problems helped in challenging moments, including finding out the campaign's profit decline reasons. It was also nice to be among the first on the market to try out Google Local Campaigns. The results ultimately met our expectations.

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