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Netpeak Spider: how to develop Competitive Intelligence


We continue to publish tips for Netpeak Spider users. Earlier we wrote how to calculate PageRank for internal linking and check the amount of text around images with Netpeak Spider. Today, we will tell how to use Netpeak Spider to develop competitive intelligence.

Task 5. Get the forum members list for the forum, that is located on a separate subdomain.

Solution: In the menu “Settings” – “Scan” we need to activate the checkbox “Scan subdomains”: "Activate Scan website and subdomains. On the tab “Search” select all user profile page URL's on any grounds: "Select Export the information from the Title column to the Excel. Divide the value in the cell with “ “ to the separate words. Select the cells with user names.

Task 6. Determine the state of affairs for the product category in comparison with competitors.

Solution: Select on your website product category you want to test. Scan the category by “section” scan type: Scan the category by “section” scan type. Scan your website with “Google” scan type. In Excel compare the URL with the data for both types of scanning. Now you have a list of URL's for products in the category, that are present in the Google Index. Repeat the same process for the same product category on the competitors sites. Compare the data for your site with the information for competitors' sites and make changes to the promotion strategy for this product group.

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Comments (6)

  1. 0
    3 years ago

    Can you explain how to search for broken links?

    • 0
      3 years ago

      First, you should scan your web site and go to "Search" tab. Then you should choose "404" in dropdown named "Response". This way you'll get a list of 404s on your site. Click on "Export to Excel", select URL and internal links to the page in export options. As a result, you'll get a list of 404s with all linking pages.

      Also you can choose other response codes (410, 403 or 500) for your analysis.

      If you want to explore brocken links without export, then you can click on any link with a right button of your mouse and see all pages, that are linking to current page.

  2. 0
    3 years ago

    Useful stuff, thank you!
    I'm looking forward for new tips

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