Promoting iOS/Android Mobile App via AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, and iAD: Bulletin Board App Case Study

Service: Mobile applications promotion.
Niche: Bulletin board.
Platforms: iPhone (iOS 7+), Android phone (4+). 

Results: We received 28.64% of paid traffic installs (of the total number of downloads) with an average CPI of much less than one dollar.

The Client

Our client was an online marketplace mobile application that brought people together to buy, sell or exchange goods and services.

The Challenge

The client contacted us for the purpose of promoting a mobile application for iOS and Android. The basic goals of this project were as follows:

  1. Increase new application downloads (iOS, Android).
  2. Increase posting conversions from unique users.
  3. Boost audience activity.

The Solution

As our client was invested in the project’s success and willing to provide all necessary materials (different banner formats and videos), we were able to experiment, analyze, optimize and identify the highest converting formats. The pivotal point in running this project’s promotion was that the client was willing to work hand-in-glove with our specialists. As we know, close collaboration is the key to a successful campaign.

We developed the following plan for the campaign’s launch:

  1. Launch of iOS/ Android mobile application advertising in Google AdWords.
  2. Video advertising on YouTube for iOS and Android in Google AdWords.
  3. Advertising mobile app for iOS and Android on Facebook.
  4. Video advertising of mobile app for iOS and Android on Facebook.
  5. Remarketing for iOS and Android on Facebook.
  6. Advertising mobile app for iOS in iAD system.

Featuring (i.e., demonstration of a product and its advantages) allows us to showcase applications in the promo box of the app store. It can have a horizontal or vertical icon view. The featured app may appear in different sections of the AppStore, such as "rotating banners", "best new apps" or "best new games".

To analyze the efficiency of the channels, we used Google Analytics (for mobile applications), Ad-X and internal statistics of advertising systems.

Nowadays, as the distribution channels are constantly expanding, we continue supplying advertising campaigns with new ad formats, such as Video app install ads in Google and the upcoming Search Ads in Google Play. 

The Results

Due to contract obligations to our client, we cannot disclose information about prices and the exact number of installs. However, it’s worth mentioning that in March, we received 28.64% of paid traffic installs (of the total number of downloads) with an average CPI of far less than one dollar.

In this project, we used a combination of standard and specialized tools of contextual advertising for mobile applications. Classic platforms such as AdWords and Facebook are still relevant. Keep in mind that in developing markets (like Ukraine), the audience of many specific platforms is limited. So, a campaign promoting an already popular product may achieve significant success.

Will contextual advertising be effective on the above-mentioned platforms for your application? To know for sure, request a quote on our website. We are always open to taking on new projects.

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