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SEO case study: Freight transportation website promotion. Call conversion rate growth of x4.41

Service: SEO.

Niche: Logistics and transportation.

Result: 18x organic traffic increase; call conversion rate increased from 1.22% to 5.63%, i.e. 4.41x.

The Client

The client's site provides long-distance freight transportation services (freight forwarding company). When the client contacted us, the site was only two months old. Needless to say, the entire site consisted of several pages with copied content and a small number of daily visitors.

The Challenge

Our first objective was to increase targeted traffic to the site. Then we aimed at increasing the number of calls from potential customers.

The Solution

Stage 1:

  1. Collected targeted queries for the site. Having discussed specific types of services with the client, we expanded the keywords for the types of transportation services the company provides.
  2. Created an SEO audit report. As part of the audit, we considered the problems with the technical and content optimization of the site, as well as usability.
  3. Optimized images.
  4. Created a robots.txt file.
  5. Created meta tag templates for meta title, description, keywords, and H1 tags.
  6. Added markup to the review pages and pages of all services and cargo types. Also added breadcrumb markup.
  7. Edited and designed the correct structure of the texts on the site, because they were copied from other sites, and keyword density was too high.
  8. Created XML and HTML sitemaps to speed up the indexing of new pages on the site and improve the site navigation.
  9. Set up the correct server response code when the page is missing. Before, when adding any characters to the URL, the page copied the main one.
  10. Improved page load speed by reducing the number of queries and optimizing the web page code.
  11. Removed all broken links from the site identified by link scanning.

Stage 2:

  1. Redesigned and significantly expanded the site structure.
  2. For new sites, it is extremely important to create as many pages as possible that are relevant to specific user requests. We created landing pages for all types of transport services, cargo, geography, and modes of transportation.
  3. For all new pages, we created content that meets the search engine requirements.
  4. Installed the internal linking script.
  5. Carried out manual link building by posting articles, and distributing press releases. Used hidden marketing techniques on forums, review and question-and-answer services.
  6. To increase the conversion from visitors into customers, we used a third-party service. If the user leaves the site without any action, the widget arranges a call with a free salesperson.

The Result

  1. The number of visitors to the site, who came from search, increased 18 times.
  2. The call conversion rate increased from 1.22% to 5.63%, i.e. 4.41x.

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