SEO Case Study for a Furniture Store in Bulgaria – ROMI of 420%

Service: SEO.
Niche: Furniture and household goods.

Results: Site ranked among the top positions on Google for 500 keywords, ROMI — 420%.

The Client

In this project, the client was an online furniture store in Bulgaria. As is often the case, the client initially set a goal to boost sales for certain keywords in a specific category.

The Challenge

In addition to the initial goal, we decided to set further targets that are fully relevant to the SEO 2.0 concept. Specifically, our goals were to:

  • increase holistic visibility of the site in search systems;
  • generate a rise in organic traffic;
  • boost sales.

We identified these goals to achieve impactful results and eventually present them to a surprised client.

The Solution

  1. In collaboration with the developers, we implemented a part of the technical SEO audit. During the first stage, the audit was not fully implemented due to limitations in the new site CMS. The next step was to work with the site structure to fully include all the keywords in the niche. Having built the site scheme, we again encountered technical limitations in the CMS. It took a significant amount of time to alter the URL structure of the site.
  2. We created meta tags of the landing pages for the entire site. These were compiled by taking into account the collected semantic core.
  3. Then, we drafted texts for the landing pages.
  4. We also periodically cleaned out any errors generated by the system.
  5. We organized a natural backlink building process.
  6. After all these steps were performed, we were ready to present our initial results.

The Results

  1. Website visibility demonstrated significant improvement with increased rankings for all keywords.
  2. The site ranked among the top positions on Google for 500 key phrases with a frequency greater than zero.
  3. Sales revenue from e-commerce reports in Google Analytics for the period 09/01/2014 — 01/31/2015 (organic traffic): $33 820.
  4. ROMI of 420% was achieved.

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