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Megadom success story: how to promote an offline business during the pandemic

Service: PPC.

Niche: product market.

Result: in four months, advertising allowed to rent out 1,200 square meters of retail space.

The Client

Megadom is an exhibition trade center with several pavilions in Odesa, Ukraine. Here one can order or purchase building materials, interior and decorative items, furniture, mattresses, linens, etc.

In the fall of 2021, a new facility — a grocery market of 1200 square meters — reached the final construction phase.

The Challenge

We collaborated with the client to attract visitors to the mall. Shortly before the opening, our team was asked to help the market attract more tenants and visitors.

Promotion goals

  • Rent out 1,200 square meters of retail space by the market's opening.
  • Attract the attention of the nearby residents to the market.

Difficulties of promotion

  • The problem of tracking offline market visitors.
  • Difficulties for offline businesses due to the pandemic.

The Solution

The promotion strategy involved several blocks. They were carried out simultaneously, complementing and backing each other.

  • The use of sources of paid traffic.
  • Activity in social networks involves collaboration with bloggers.
  • Offline advertising.

Below is a description of the PPC team’s strategy implementation.

Essential: The work of all the teams together has led to an awesome result.

PPC promotion

  1. Creation of a landing page on the shopping center site. Here we placed information on the market’s concept and advantages and added a call to action button for the target audience.
  2. We needed targeted actions in the form of addressing the administration. We decided to prepare quick campaigns in Google Ads with adaptive media ads to achieve this.
  3. We launched the parallel campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook to reach and target broad interests in the premises and trade equipment rentals.
  4. Embedding video ads in outreach. Since we understood that making videos for ads is more expensive and takes time, we used this format when needed closer to opening to attract tenants to specific sections of the market.

To enhance the effect of video ads, we activated the exclusive Google partner tool, Bumper Machine, to create Bumper Ads.

The Result

A few weeks before the opening, only a few spots were available for rent. That's when we turned off advertising.

Dynamics of banner in Google

Dynamics of banner advertising in Google Ads and video campaigns on YouTube

facebook results

Facebook Ads


денис гаенко

Denis Gaenko, Pre-Middle Project Manager, Netpeak:

The final result was achieved thanks to:

  • the client's trust in the agency's expertise;
  • fast and effective communication «agency-client»;
  • consistent discussion of ideas and suggestions.

Well-coordinated teamwork helps achieve the defined goals, and the MegaDom project is excellent proof of this.

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