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Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) refers to the influencing and management of the online reputation of a brand or an individual.

We help create a positive image of a company or brand by influencing branded search engine results and removing negative content and fake reviews from adversaries and competitors.

*Netpeak Agency does not work with political actors, unregistered pharmaceutical products or food supplements, gambling websites, or other products or services that can lead to moral or financial damage as well as products that can be harmful to your health.
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People don't often leave good reviews when they've had a good experience, whereas a lot of people leave a negative review when they have a bad one. Even when there are more happy customers than unhappy ones, your brand image can be damaged and competitors may take advantage of that. Using a structured approach, we deal with this effectively and can help you create and maintain a positive online presence, because trust is one of the most important business assets.
Mykhail Karboinov
Chief Product Officer
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Online Reputation Management Involves:

Eliminating negative results and fake reviews of competitors from the search engine results page.
Creating positive content to rank well for branded search.
Creating a positive image of a product or brand for new companies.
Building a positive HR brand to attract the right employees.

SERM by Netpeak Involves:

Branded search results evaluation
  • Perform keyword research and use keyword variations to evaluate branded search;
  • localised search results (search results in different regions may vary substantially);
  • evaluate the tone of voice for every query and region;
  • screen the search results and tone of voice's indices.
Building a SERM strategy
  • Work with external marketplaces: promote positive and neutral customer reviews, remove and push down negative search results;
  • regular monitoring the overall public impression of a company online to react in a timely manner and provide recommendations to deal with negative reviews;
  • dealing with customer loyalty: creating triggers and methods to get positive feedback of your company or brand to rank highly in search results.
SERM strategies and reporting
  • Creating a company account on review websites and forums relevant to your industry where people can discuss your product/service;
  • сreating a Google My Business account and on-going management of customer interactions;
  • сreating an About Us page and providing a technical document for a website optimization;
  • getting your positive reviews and posts to the top of Google search;
  • review website monitoring, removing the comments that violate their rules;
  • blog posts on Wikipedia and other authoritative resources;
  • regular reporting on search query changes including local one.

Some of Our Product Companies

Netpeak Software
Academy Ocean
A multifunctional SEO platform able to conduct competitor and website analysis, track your site ranking, backlinks, and content quality.
Serpstat enables businesses to perform keyword research for web pages (new and existing). It can also help detect critical errors that impact search rankings, and give detailed instructions on how to fix these. Serpstat enables you to perform a vast array of tasks that are part of the workflow of SEO teams.
Ringostat is an innovative platform that provides end-to-end analytics, call tracking and a virtual PBX all-in-one single system.
Ringostat can integrate sales and marketing efforts and provide you with a single interface to track ROI, conversions, and calls. Key features include end-to-end analytics, call tracking, callback, virtual PBX, Analytical Assistant, Sales Manager, and an inbuilt smartphone in a browser. The software is also listed as a Google Analytics Certified Partner.
Netpeak Software develops desktop tools for SEO specialists and webmasters:
  • Netpeak Spider is a tool to perform regular SEO audits, quick error detections, system analysis, and web scraping.
  • Netpeak Checker a tool for scraping search results and aggregating data from top SEO resources to analyze and compare multiple websites.
Academy Ocean makes employees adapt more quickly, saves time for both managers and employees, and makes learning fascinating and engaging.

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