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Pay Per Click Management

Contextual advertising is the one of the most effective promotion tools. Google AdWords provides advertising opportunities for businesses of any size.

You can see where contextual advertising blocks and search engine results are placed in Google the screenshot below.

The Benefits of Contextual Advertising


Advertisements appear momentary according to search requests. You can change the advertising message immediately considering the target audience.


The effectiveness can be easily measured, for example, by the quantity of orders from website or calls during and after the advertising campaign.


The contextual advertising allows to cover the maximal volume of target audience.


Unlike the word «unobtrusiveness» contextual advertising does not irritate.


The contextual advertising is considerably inexpensive.

Large scale

Google has the audience that can be compared to television and broadcasting stations audience size.


You pay for result – only if people follow your website link.

Contextual advertising is recommended to use:

— for supporting promotion campaigns;

— in addition to SEO promotion. Contextual advertising and SEO are supplemental.

What advertising campaign with Google AdWords is? Why choose Netpeak?

  • We start with complex website analysis, then we choose keywords for advertising campaign.
  • We make budget prognosis per month of the campaign. The contextual advertising price significantly varies according to the subject area. Take into account that the real budget may differ from the forecasted one but it helps to make plans.
  • We create advertising campaigns in Google AdWords using such important individual settings as geographical and language targeting, placement targeting and other settings which allow to attract potential clients to follow your website.
  • Afterwards we divide keywords on groups. For each group is selected the target webpage, which should be relevant to keywords and keyword phrases. It’ll help to reduce cost per click and to raise positions of an advertisement.
  • We write advertising texts. For each keywords group are written several different style texts. At first there will be shown all advertisements but later Google picks out the leader – the one which gets the majority of clicks.
  • Time is needed for estimating the situation in specific themes. After 1-2 weeks an average price per click, the most effective advertisement and the most clickable keywords become visible. When we know all this information we begin the optimization of an advertising compaign to make it more effective and also profitable for your business.

Relevant keywords, an advertising text, stable CTR and high price per click will provide higher positions to your advertisements and as a result more attention from users. That can be achieved due to the accurate analysis of your advertising campaign in Google AdWords and its’ permanent customization made by our specialists.

And there are additional five «We…»:

work with clients on a case-by-case basis;

are experienced in organization of campaigns of different advertising specificity and budgets;

analyse the sphere you work in, the clients and partners you work with and also learn peculiarities of your business. We become experts and can make long-term projections considering competitive companies, free market niches and also sociological characteristics of your field;

work out the strategy of an advertising campaign but we are flexible enough to change something, to improve it or realize some new ideas;

participate in different SEO and Internet-marketing conferences.

Netpeak is a certified Google Adwords partner. Our contextual advertising and PPC management specialists — Anna Mininkova, Sergey Bahar and Nikita Perfilev are Google Adwords qualified individuals.

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