Art de Vivre Case Study: Promoting an English Language Website to Get 4000 Sessions per Month From an Organic Channel 8 Months After Launch

Service: SEO.

Niche: Online publication.

Region: Worldwide.

The Client

Art de Vivre is an online art magazine with a large English-speaking audience that targets the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, and other countries. It publishes expert content and covers the latest cultural news and everything related to art, travel, and lifestyle.

The Challenge

The client was planning to launch a new website on a self-hosted CMS. They wanted to meet all the technical requirements and build the right structure from the very beginning to achieve faster results in Google organic search.

Getting results for a new website is quite a challenge, especially if it involves worldwide promotion, i.e., not for a specific region. It is also challenging if the website is related to a keyword list in English because you have to compete with the most famous English-language publications.

The Solution

To achieve the best possible results, we divided the tasks into two main categories:

  1. Website optimization to meet all the basic requirements of the Google search engine before the site goes public.

After Google indexed the site, we prepared detailed recommendations to get the highest possible ranking. They included:

  • creating the structure of category and tag pages for easy site navigation, fast crawling, and indexing;
  • technical optimization recommendations for the site to immediately meet the basic requirements of the Google search engine;
  • basic content optimization recommendations to ensure that new content is optimized for Google search engine requirements;
  • schema markup recommendations to help Google better understand all types of content on the site;
  • E-E-A-T optimization recommendations to confirm the authority and reliability of the content published on the website, as well as the expertise of its author.

As soon as the site went public, we immediately checked all the important parameters related to indexing and critical aspects of basic optimization.

  1. Content optimization after the site was launched.

After the site was officially released and all basic technical issues were checked, we developed a strategy for further promotion:

  • Content strategy: Setting up continuous content production was important because content is the most important part of any online magazine. Our cooperation is ongoing, and we make a monthly content plan and prepare detailed technical requirements for the authors.
  • In addition to content, we prepared recommendations for writing articles on Google Discover.
  • We also developed a strategy for working with the site's backlinks, which is an important ranking factor. 

The Results

1. The number of visits increased from 140 to 4000 per month from September 2022 to May 2023:

2. The site started to appear in the Google Discover feed and received more than 500 visitors through this channel from March to May 2023:

3. The number of donors in the link profile for September 2022 to May 2023 increased from 2 to 80:

4. The Domain Rating for the same period increased from 0 to 5:

5. The dynamics of site crawling increased by 120% from March to May 2023:

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