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Bicycles and bicycle details online shop promotion: ROI 58%

Service: SEO promotion with monthly fee.
Niche: bicycles and bicycle details. Niche is seasonal.
Season: from mid-spring to mid-fall. Late autumn, winter and early spring is off-season, because in this period there is no need for bicycles and bicycle details.
Targeting: Kiev (delivery is available all over Ukraine).
Spending: $327 per month.

Client used to work with another agency before. In early 2013 he significantly updated his site and came to us. Previously, client used to evaluate effectiveness of an advertising campaign by tracking positions of the specific list of keywords. He also depended on personal feelings: if the calls and sells rising or not.

The following goals were set:

1. Website traffic raise.

2. Sales amount raise. In this case we compare the beginning of the season in 2013 and 2014.

First of all we should make a list of all the major works done:

1. Technical SEO-audit was made and implemented:

  • 301 redirection from minor mirror to the main;
  • optimization of the site structure (type and brand categories);
  • human friendly URLs were realized and given to the uniform format (available only with closing slash at the end, only lower case letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers were used);
  • robots.txt file edition;
  • limitation of indexing pages that are useless for search engines;
  • XML-sitemap realization, adding it in Google and Yandex webmaster services;
  • the HTML-sitemap was created;
  • page 404 was optimized;
  • the web pages load speed was increased.

2. Content SEO-audit was made and implemented:

  • Title, Description, Keywords tags and headers h1 for all pages on the site were written (realizing templates generation for similar pages);
  • headers structure for all site pages was optimized;
  • pagination optimization;
  • alt and title attributes for images were written (realizing attribute templates generation for goods images);
  • internal links optimization (including the broken ones fix);
  • breadcrumbs were realized;
  • the microdata format for contact information, breadcrumbs, goods pages, users reviews was used.

Inside the Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica web-analytics services the goals and ecommerce were set. When we finished with the works of the first importance, we started the second, no less important, part of promotion.

During the second stage the following actions were made:

  • the social buttons for social signals were set;
  • interesting and useful content was written for every kind and brand of bicycles on the site ;
  • the maximum information was given about the goods placement recomendations to client (specifications, description, photos);
  • the keywords list extension was made using the Serpstat;
  • internal linking script “Trotsky” was installed;
  • “Selo” script was installed for tags implementation on promoted pages;
  • semiautomatic external links placement was set and the “Siberia” service was used;
  • users stimulation on posting purchased goods reviews;
  • order form optimization;
  • working on rising the amount of mentions on the bicycle forums (users help, useful links without spam and offtopic information).

During the promotion such instruments were used:

  1. Client’s Private dashboard — web interface, where we are able to see statistics and KPI for the promoted site, and also all the specialists’ work for the project.
  2. "Serpstat" — service for making the keywords list, niche and competitors analysis.
  3. "Siberia" — link placements automatic selection service.
  4. Netpeak Spider — internal part of the site analysis service.
  5. "Trotsky" — internal linking script.
  6. "Selo" — tags implementation script.

 The results we got

So, let’s compare the beginning of the season in 2013 and 2014: Organic search traffic Site traffic in the beginning of the season is 652% more compared to last year:

Site traffic

Average conversion price: $134; Conversion rate on the site: 0,18%;
Average margin for products (bicycles and bicycle details): 35%;
Income for the first month of season: $1,479;
Clients gross income for the first month of season: $518;
ROI (ROMI) for gross income: ROI = ((Income × Margin) — Promotion spending) / Promotion spending = (($1,479 × 35%) — $327) / $327 = 58%.


So, in the first month of the season 2014 the cost of SEO-services was paid off and brought a 58% return on spending.

KPI from Private dashboard:

KPI from Private dashboard  

Search engines traffic graph:

Dynamics of attendance from search engines

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Comments (3)

  1. 0
    3 years ago

    Very detailed case. Thank you for sharing it with us

  2. 0
    3 years ago

    Nice case! I'd like to know something about your Private dashboard app. How can i get it?

    • 0
      3 years ago

      Thanks! Private dashboard is our app for clients. We'll give more information about it in our blog. Stay tuned!

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