Success Story: Sales Growth of 280% in 8 Months

Service: PPC.

Niche: Sale of new and used products.

Results: CTR in some months reached 4%, which was almost twice the average.

The Client is a Ukrainian marketplace for new and used equipment and jewelry. The site positions itself as a place to exchange things to reduce environmental pollution.

The Challenge

Traditionally, classifieds or marketplace groups have a strong position in this niche. Moreover, there are almost no other stores like Boo on the market. The platform needed to increase its income and meet the sales plan.

Based on this, we set the following goals.

  1. Get the maximum number of transactions within the allocated budget.
  2. Set up analytics.
  3. Increase the number of new customers for the site.

The Solution

  1. To track all of the users' steps, from browsing the product card to purchasing, we set up advanced e-commerce.
  2. Using Serpstat, we analyzed search demand and evaluated the fullness of the product categories on the site, determining the most popular categories.
  3. We launched standard search campaigns with text ads that contained keywords.
  4. We connected the Google Shopping tool, which was new at the time (2018).
  5. We regularly worked on optimizing advertising campaigns.

The Results

Initially, we didn't expect much from Google Shopping there was no way to filter out users for a new product, and our offers were possibly untargeted. However, the results exceeded our expectations. It was very appealing when users saw the product they were looking for at prices 30-50% lower than average.

As a result, the CTR in some months reached 4%, almost twice the average. Furthermore, the cost per click was four times lower than similar products in the search.

Here are the results we achieved eight months after setup.

  • CPC was down by 73.22%, and CPA was down by 71.77%.
  • The number of transactions increased by 279.39%, while the revenue increased by 79.35%.


Alexander Datsenko, PM at Netpeak:

Clients often think it will work forever once they set up contextual advertisement. But in fact, the key to success in contextual advertising is constant testing, optimization, and searching for new opportunities, besides growing a business. With no expansion of product categories, excellent UTP, and super-competitive prices, with all other things being equally good, we would not have achieved such results.

Vadim Fedorchuk, CEO of

Having a relatively wide circle of acquaintances in e-commerce projects, I have repeatedly heard about the Netpeak agency as it has a high reputation.

First, I reviewed all the cases and read all the reviews - like others usually do - I made the easy choice! Also, the team doesn't promise a specific number of visitors or the timing to bring keywords to the top 10, but ultimately conversion and transaction numbers.

If you take, at first glance, the open rates/prices, Netpeak is almost the most expensive agency on the Ukrainian market. But if you get acquainted with their workflow closely, you will see a tremendous level of automation and smoothly running processes that jointly make this agency one of the cheapest.

We have already seen the results in the first month of work, and they lived up to our expectations. The guys set up all the analytical tools, filtering out unnecessary traffic, and we got clear and understandable figures on which we began to work together.

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