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SEO Case Studies success story: ROMI of 1428%

Service: SEO.
Niche: Clothing, footwear, accessories, and jewelry.

Result: ROMI of 1428%.

The Client

An online store of women's and children's clothing in Bulgaria. They fought a long and unproductive battle against Google Penguin penalties when they got penalized in 2014 because of unfair promotion.

The Challenge

The client contacted us with a request to fix the search visibility loss and increase traffic. In addition, the client wanted additional traffic and sales growth. These three points have become the main objectives of the promotion.

The Process

Technical SEO audit:

  1. Removed all duplicate pages by setting permanent redirects.
  2. Made website URLs user-friendly. Optimized paginated pages and all internal links.
  3. Modified the robots.txt file because it prevented important pages from indexing.
  4. Immediately implemented metadata generation formulas (title, description, h1, keywords) for all product pages, smart filters, category pages, and subcategories. After building a keyword list, we added the metadata manually.
  5. Implemented the proper heading structure on the pages.
  6. Optimized product images by adding user-friendly URLs and alt attributes.
  7. Made breadcrumb navigation (breadcrumbs) and added breadcrumb markup. We also provided recommendations to improve the website's usability.
  8. Built keyword list.
  9. Changed some categories and created new ones.
  10. As mentioned earlier, we have implemented unique metadata and smart filters with SEO-friendly URLs.
  11. Based on the keyword list, we provided technical requirements for creating SEO texts and added them to each category of the site.
  12. Created a blog with useful information, where client specialists published new articles once a week according to our content plan.
  13. Made changes to the format of product names, so they look as follows: product type/name.

Off-page SEO:

  1. We created high-quality thematic links: the link building and content marketing department ran a campaign to accumulate natural links from forums.
  2. SEO specialists collected all inbound low-quality links and sent requests to delete them.


  1. We redesigned product pages, the About us page, the Contacts page, and others.
  2. To make Caramella-online better at converting users, we implemented several scripts from Netpeak Cloud.

The Result

  1. After the SEO audit, we doubled organic traffic.
  2. The dynamics of transactions and sales rates have improved. The percentage of site visitors, who subscribed to the newsletter and called the phone numbers indicated on the site, increased many times over.
  3. During the promotion period, ROMI increased by 1428%.

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