Citrus Success Story: How to Increase Revenue by 54.7% with Google Ads Marketing

Service: PPC.

Niche: Gadgets and accessories.

Results: The number of transactions increased by 91.69% with a slightly higher price per click.

The Client

Citrus is a Ukrainian appliance store. It offers a wide variety of gadgets and accessories such as smartphones, laptops, and headphones, as well as electric bikes and quadcopters. The company is committed to promoting electric vehicles in Ukraine. Not only can you purchase personal urban mobility vehicles from Citrus, you can also rent or test-drive them.

The retail chain includes more than 70 brick-and-mortar stores and the online shop

The Challenge

In our cooperation with the online Citrus store, we have advertised discount sales multiple times before. This time, we were tasked with marketing their New Year promotion.

Our aim was to attract the maximum number of interested users to the site. The goal was brand awareness marketing for a discount page in order to achieve sales of promotional goods.

The Solution

Usually, "hot" buyers come from search engine marketing. That said, the synergy of search, contextual-media network, and remarketing lists always produces the best possible results.

  1. Search Network. Our team collected semantics related to the New Year, formed ad groups, and spelled out the texts.
  2. In search remarketing, we used the accumulated lists of users. Together with keywords or dynamic search ads, we reached the maximum target audience and cut off non-interested users.
  3. The specifics of targeting in the contextual media network:
    • targeting sites with good behavioral data (analysis of already accumulated statistics in the account);
    • targeting users' interests;
    • targeting keywords related to the sales campaign.
  4. While remarketing in media networks, we segmented the lists according to the purchase cycle stages, from least interested to ready to buy.
  5. We used ads with high targeting accuracy on Gmail.
  6. Having launched the campaigns, we conducted an interim analysis. Effective targeted ads were enhanced, while ineffective ones were optimized or disabled.
  7. A global report followed the end of the campaign.

The Results

  1. While advertising this promotion, the traffic growth caused by contextual advertising on Google increased by 50%.
  2. The percentage of branded queries related to the New Year sales went up by 11.65% on the site itself.
  3. With a minor increase in cost-per-click (8.48%), a conversion rate of 91.69% was achieved.
  4. The total number of unique purchases and revenue increased by more than 50%.

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