Citrus Case Study: Experimental Launch of TrueView for Shopping and TrueView for Action Campaigns

Service: PPC.

Niche: Gadgets and accessories.

Results: We attracted new users and increased the interaction of potential customers with the brand.

The Client

Founded in 2000, Citrus is a nationwide retail chain that sells gadgets and innovative tech goods. The Netpeak team has been working with since 2012.

The Challenge

We had the following goals for this project:

  1. Increase the interactions of potential customers with the brand.
  2. Attract new users within the targets.
  3. Evaluate new types of video campaigns and identify the most effective type.

The Solution

We launched the TrueView campaigns in August 2018, when new video advertising options became available in Ukraine:

  • TrueView for Shopping.
  • TrueView for Action.

For the sake of the experiment, we decided to allocate the same budget and time into trying the same commercial for the same audiences. The video campaigns were launched one after the other. In the first phase, it was TrueView for Shopping, and the second phase involved TrueView for Action.

The audience was selected based on certain segments:

  1. It was remarketed to site visitors who viewed OnePlus smartphone models but did not make a purchase.
  2. We referred to the Look-alike audience for site visitors who looked at OnePlus smartphone models but didn't make a purchase.
  3. Interest-based audience. The Citrus marketing team provided the interests and included users such as technophiles, video game enthusiasts, and comic book and anime fans.
  4. An audience of interested shoppers.

The Results

  1. The average price per view was 55.56% lower in the TrueView for Action campaign.
  2. Approximately 47% more unique users viewed TrueView for Shopping campaign ads.

    Unique users

    1. The TrueView for Action campaign brought in 43% more direct conversions.

    Direct conversion

    We found that the TrueView for Action campaign was more effective for smartphone advertising in terms of instant response and increased reach. It showed a higher number of transactions.

    However, to increase interest in products over the long term, we recommend using TrueView for Shopping. When evaluating audience interaction, this ad campaign showed higher results: the number of clicks on the ad was 40% higher. When analyzing the main pathways to conversion, this type of ad campaign prevailed.


    Julia Torgovtseva, Middle PPC Specialist Citrus:

    Together with the Netpeak team, we regularly test new Google tools and analyze their effectiveness. These guys are creative in launching all activities for Citrus, and allow us to attract new audiences and work with already loyal users.

    Thanks to the team's professional approach to tasks, we could automate many routine processes and allocate more time to launching large-scale advertising activities for our project.

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