Gardening Tools Shop Success Story: ROMI of 4157%

Service: SEO.
Niche: Plumbing, gardening equipment, power tools.

Results: Revenue increased by 119% and ROMI reached 4157%.

The Client

Before the promotion started, turnover and traffic stats for this client were deplorable. After Google imposed manual sanctions on external links, the traffic dropped to almost zero. Making profit was out of the question.

The Challenge

As our main goal, we set out to increase the number of sales from the site. To achieve this goal, we identified several lower-level goals:

  • remove manual Google sanctions;
  • solve technical problems;
  • refine the structure;
  • optimize pages for targeted queries.

The Solution

  1. Implemented a technical audit.
  2. Successfully removed manual Google sanctions.
  3. Refined the site structure to fully cover all the target queries selected by Serpstat.
  4. Finetuned the internal linking script.
  5. Implemented a number of improvements to optimize page load speed.
  6. Optimized meta tags for the target requests.
  7. Created optimized texts.
  8. Used link building to build link mass.
  9. Made changes to the promotion strategy to account for seasonal product groups.

The Results

  1. Increased the number of purchases from 184 to 469 (88.35%).
  2. Achieved revenue growth of 119%.
  3. Demonstrated ROMI growth of 4157%.

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