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Household appliances online shop promotion case: ROI 1130%

Service: SEO promotion with monthly fee.
Niche: household appliances.
Spending: $498 (including payment for agency services).
Targeting: Odessa and Odessa Region.

This case is for beginning online stores or the story of what happens when a client comes to us in a highly competitive niche. So, the internal optimization work was done, the air conditioners category was taken first, because summer is coming. Now the number of categories involved is constantly expanding. Work on internal optimization isn’t finished yet and will continue for a long time — we are once again faced with the complexity of some of the things implementation in the engine Joomla of earlier versions + VirtueMart. Also there were given recommendations for the functional, which realization involved experts on the client side. Comparison of the ecommerce information in 30 days after code installation (from April 9 to May 8) and with 30 days now (from 18 June to 17 July): Comparison of the Ecommerce information in 30 days after code installation I don't use the statistics for later dates, because we used to set ecommerce. As it turned out, only a quick order form was originally counted and we didn’t have any trade item information. That means that we had information only for the number of transactions and for income, and now the code also calculates the full order form, and shows the unique purchases and their amount. Now the code also calculates the full order form, and shows the unique purchases and their amount Such a result became possible by changing the keyword list. In addition, here you can see an information from Ringostat for the period from June 18 to July 17: Ringostat data Сomparison with the original data isn’t possible because the phone calls analytics was set relatively recent. Here we can see traffic comparison for the same periods: Organic search traffic In all cases (traffic, transactions) we count non-branded search traffic from Odessa region. So, we got:

Spending: $498 (including payment for agency’s services).
Ecommerce income: $8,797.
Margin: 6,4%.
Ecommerce income taking into account the margin: $563.
Calls: 328 target calls according to Ringostat.
Percentage of calls into sales convertibility according to customer: 90%.
Average check for call-order according to customer: $296.
Income from calls according to this information: $87,000.
Profit according to this information, taking into account the margin: $5,568.
Total profit (ecommerce + calls): $6,131.
ROI = ((Income × Margin) — Promotion spending) / Promotion spending = (($95,755 × 6,4%) - $498) / $498 = 1130%.

Such high rates due to the fact that the project has just passed the first stage of development and there is a low base effect. We understand that this effect is impossible to get for the home appliances online stores that are promoted for a long time. But this post would be useful for those people, who are just going to take the first steps in the development of their online stores and in the internet marketing.

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  1. 0
    3 years ago

    Fantastic article and unbelievable detail on how to do it. This one will be bookmarked and referred to for the foreseeable for me!

  2. 0
    3 years ago

    Crazy ROI and awesome case :)
    You have very thorough approach for publishing your cases, great job!

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