Intertop Success Story: How to Increase Brand Awareness and Sales Using YouTube

Service: PPC.
Niche: Shoes, clothes, accessories.

Results: 65% higher conversion rate and 45% lower CPA compared to search campaign results.

The Client

Intertop is a leading offline seller of branded clothes and shoes in the Ukrainian market. They have been operating since 1994. is an online store that combines multi and mono brand retail stores in a single omnichannel model.

The Challenge

  1. Boost brand awareness of the online store. 
  2. Increase sales rates during the high season.
  3. Publicize a new special service, “Order online — take offline”.
  4. Increase sales rates during the winter sale season.
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The Solution

  1. To achieve the first goal, we used performance branding. We tracked classic media and performance metrics. For example, we monitored:
  • CPM, reach frequency;
  • post-view, post-click conversions/transactions;
  • customer behaviors after impressions;
  • increase in traffic after watching the video;
  • cohort analysis;
  • Brand Lift.
  1. During the high season, promotion was done through a TrueView In-Stream ad campaign. The video lasted for 30 seconds and we paid only if the user watched the whole video. Also, we gathered users who had watched the video and used remarketing by showing them ad creatives in the search engine.

The following actions were taken to optimize the high season campaign.

  • First, we identified 10 audience segments by gender and age.
  • Then, we tested a launching campaign at 15% of the budget and corrected bidding.
  • Next, we received Brand Lift results and corrected campaigns accordingly.
  • Lastly, we launched remarketing for users who had watched the video.
  1. To promote the winter sale, we used short 6-second videos, i.e., bumper ads. The format allowed for a wider reach and it cost 1.5-2 times lower than InStream.

To optimize the winter sale campaign, the following steps were taken.

  • We first sorted out the most effective cold audience from previous campaigns, segmented them and created 10 ad groups.
  • Then, we tested launching the campaign for 15% of the budget.
  • Bids and budget were distributed depending on the engagement rate.
  • Finally, we allocated majority of the budget on the most effective targeting.

The Results

From the ad campaigns during the high season, several productive results were achieved.

  1. We received 1,350,000 impressions in November, reaching 750,000 more users with a video frequency rate of 1.8.
  2. Brand awareness increased by 8.5%.
  3. Ad memorability rose by 66.4%.
  4. We obtained 65% higher conversion rates and 45% lower CPA compared to search campaigns.

From the winter sale promotion, we received maximum effectiveness on impressions (about 1.5mln) and conversion rates from the end of January to the beginning of February.


Dmitry Samoilov, PPC Project Manager:

Dmitry Samoilov, PPC Project Manager

Brand development assumes constant establishment of rooms for improvement and message improvement for target audience. Performance Marketing helped to solve these problems. The most critical point in branding is communicating the idea precisely - Intertop does it very well. Colorful creatives and clear video allowed increasing brand awareness, decreasing targeted transaction cost and  increasing conversion rate.
I believe that synergy of our teams' effort would allow reaching new goals.

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