SEO Case Study – Organic Traffic Increased by 569%, Size of Audience Grew by Five Times

Service: SEO.
Niche: News.

Results: Organic traffic of the website increased by 569%, and the publication's audience grew by five times.

The Client is a multimedia information and analytical portal.

Prior to our collaboration, the client had a printed publication with its own website, But over time, the management decided to rebrand in order to qualitatively improve the feed of information, and attract an audience with interest in both event journalism and analytics. Approximately 2000 materials from the previous website,, formed the base for a new resource.

The Challenge

  1. Increase the number of permanent unique users.
  2. Increase the flow of organic traffic.
  3. Boost audience engagement.

The global goal of the client was to strengthen its position in comparison to other market leaders of Kazakhstan media.

The Process

For the old website, we performed the following steps.

  1. Web analyzing systems were set up to track the traffic and actions of users on the website. These included Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager.
  2. Errors in site functioning were found and recommendations were made to resolve them promptly. 
  3. We provided basic recommendations on usability. We also explained to client’s specialists how to improve functionality of certain elements of the website as quickly as possible. 
  4. The content was transferred and 301 redirects were set up from
  5. Materials of were analyzed and the highest quality pages were selected.
  6. Main theme competitors were analyzed on search systems.

Here is what we did for the new website: 

  1. Pages without utility in terms of search were closed from indexing.
  2. We set up 301 redirects to eliminate duplicate pages.
  3. Manual and template metadata were formed.
  4. Page loading speed was optimized.
  5. XML map of the website was created.
  6. The errors in robots.txt were eliminated.
  7. URL generation templates were created.
  8. Pagination pages were optimized.
  9. We showed the editors how to create SEO-friendly texts. 
  10. Special SEO tools were used for the media website.

The Results

Organic traffic of the site increased by 569%, and the audience of the publication grew by five times.


Alexander Levin, development director

The company has a good reputation, many large scale projects and an excellent customer service. We made an effort to promptly react to inquiries and recommendations of each other, make changes and fix the errors. It is important that agency not only works to earn money: we constantly discussed ideas, formats and instruments. Both managers and specialists worried primarily about the result.

Viktor Greenvald, Head of PM, Netpeak:

In addition to SEO tools, there were some important factors that enabled us to achieve our goals:

  • synchronized actions of client and agency — during the entire collaboration period, we decided priorities precisely and each did their best to complete the most critical tasks;
  • readiness of the client to learn and relearn — the director of conveyed the need for SEO education to the entire editorial staff. Journalists came to work on Saturdays to attend Skype lectures about writing articles by taking into account the requirements of search promotion;
  • full immersion of the client in the project including prompt resolution of issues on their side, constant feedback, suggestions, and interest in the growth of the project.

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