Neropizza Success Story: How a Black Dough Pizza Delivery Ad Achieved ROMI Growth of 616%

Service: PPC.

Niche: Pizza delivery.

Results: We successfully increased the conversion rate by 3.4 times and the average paycheck by 1.2 times.

The Client

Neropizza is the first black pizza delivery service in Kharkiv (Ukraine). The food delivery niche is highly competitive in any metropolis. That said, Neropizza has its own unique appeal such as pizza made with black dough and the use of a traditional Italian recipe.

The Challenge

  1. Increase the number of orders.
  2. Attract a new target audience.
  3. Rank first in the auction for pizza delivery in Kharkiv.
  4. Pay off investments in advertising.

The Solution

  1. To achieve our goals, we developed the structure of the advertising account in Google Ads. The client had launched the initial ad campaigns on their own. However, as analysis revealed their first campaigns to be ineffective, we suspended them and reassembled the keywords.
  2. After disconnecting the ineffective campaigns, we redistributed the budget to the more profitable campaigns.
  3. Our team then set up and tested the campaigns in the search network. Prior to the launch, we worked through all the available ad extensions and generated our unique selling offer for Neropizza. As a result, the click-through rate increased by 21.2%.
  4. We conducted systematic moderation of search queries, which allowed us to deepen the structure of campaigns and add a list of negative keywords.
  5. Finally, we launched a dynamic remarketing campaign after adding a product feed to the Google Ads account.

The Results

During the period of cooperation, we achieved the following.

  • The number of transactions was increased by 3.4 times.
  • Transaction cost was reduced by 2.5 times.
  • Transaction rate went up from 4.9% to 11.3%.
  • The average paycheck was multiplied by 1.2 times.

Dynamics of cost-to-income ratio during the five months:

ROMI dynamics:


Victoria Samoilova and Denis Aldokhin, co-owners of Neropizza:

It was evident from the beginning that our niche required consistent internet marketing. We've had a hard time dealing with contextual advertising, as we lacked experience.

Unsurprisingly, the Netpeak team gave us more solutions than we expected at the stage of calculations. They helped us implement some new features and find contractors for specific projects where we lacked some staff. Simply put, the team supported us at every stage of the collaboration. And our efforts were rewarded.

The results were apparent right from the first month. This rapid growth was a pleasant surprise for us because the start of advertising campaigns coincided with the low season, and we expected much lower effectiveness of advertising. The number of sales and turnover started growing, and the advertising costs paid off quickly.

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