Case Study: Instagram Promotion from Scratch – How to Gain Your First Thousand Followers

Service: SMM.

Niche: Personal brand.

Results: Over the first month of the boosted campaign, reach increased by 133 times.

The Client

Alina Piddubna is a writer, book editor, Ukrainian to English & Russian to English translator, and ghostwriter. During her student years, she moved from Ukraine to Canada.

The Challenge

Alina takes photos and videos for her brand and organizes photo shoots to create content, but she doesn't have enough time to develop a content plan and create advertising campaigns. So, she decided to delegate the promotion of her personal brand to our agency and entrust us with all organizational aspects – from setting up the account from scratch to further promotion on social media.

The Netpeak team had the following goals:

  1. To develop a writer's SMM strategy for Instagram promotion.
  2. To create an Instagram account from scratch and update it.
  3. To develop an algorithm of periodic account maintenance independent of mood or events.

The Solution

  1. During SMM strategy development, we identified the following:
  • Alina's target audience.
  • The way opinion leaders in similar niches (writers, journalists, educators) run their pages.
  • Self-positioning, based on our analysis conducted, to add personality to Alina's Instagram account.
  • Recommended categories to publish new content.
  • A content layout design that can help achieve the author's goals on Instagram.
  • An allocated monthly budget for photo sessions, bloggers, contests, boosted posts, and targeting.
  1. Account creation and completion. We identified the topics that Alina wanted to cover on her page, developed a list of categories to be published, and prepared a content plan. We also gave references and guidelines for future content. First, we referred to shot types:

These images give you an idea of what the page looked like after we updated the profile and published the first nine posts together with stories. The most important recent content, which can help users to get to know Alina, her life, and her job, was posted in highlights.

  1. Paid promotion. Two months after page creation, we started boosting published content that took up to $300 per month. However, sponsored content is not even close to blogger advertised posts. Three similar collaborations gave the account 860 more subscribers and allowed Alina to reach 1000 subscribers soon after.

The Results

Within the first month of the ad campaign, we produced significant results.

  • The account's reach grew by 133 times.
  • Impressions increased by seven times.
  • Profile views grew by three times.

The visual content at the end of November


Lillia Kolomiets, Middle SMM Specialist at Netpeak:

Organic promotion on Instagram has become a myth long ago among entrepreneurs who aim to cut their marketing budgets. I am excited to generate publicity, activate targeted advertising, and interact with bloggers on this project.

Moreover, Alina was actively involved in the process, took videos and photos, and kept in touch with us, which greatly motivated me. This good interaction contributed to quick decision-making, revisions to the content plan, and the creation of situation-oriented content.

I subscribed to Alina because she publishes exciting and relevant content. I keep her book selections and watch all her videos about life in Toronto.

Danilo Minin, Project Manager at Netpeak:

During the cooperation, we ultimately achieved our common goals. I am convinced that this is the merit of Alina with a considerable fraction of our team contribution. In particular, thanks to her efforts and trust, we obtained the desired results.

Our team is grateful to Alina for entrusting us with this exciting project, and I believe her popularity yet to peak. We are looking forward to achieving the first million subscribers on her Instagram! :)

Alina Piddubna, a blogger:

Netpeak gave me incredible support at the start of my blog, and my account benefited from the proper structure. I quickly reached my first 1,000 subscribers and met many interesting people. Thank you for your professionalism and individual approach to your clients.

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