PPC Case Study: How We Managed to Reduce the Lead Price by 60% for a UAE Carpet Cleaning Service Company

Service: PPC.

Niche: Cleaning services.

Region: UAE.

Results: Brand traffic showed a 200% increase and the lead price was reduced by 60%, having dwindled to $20.

The Client

Сarpetprowash.com is a company offering elite-class automatic carpet cleaning services in the UAE. The company likes to emphasize that it is capable of removing stains of any kind.

Services such as cleaning of houses, apartments, carpets and furniture belong to a niche that is actively developing in metropolises and big cities. Their clients place significant value on comfort, which encompasses everything from a user-friendly ad, to the ability to easily submit a request on the website and access high-quality cleaning company services. We aimed to find more of such clients and reduce the costs of attracting them.

The unique commercial offer of the company includes transport of carpets from/to clients’ homes, carpet cleaning within 2-3 days and payment on delivery of clean carpets.

The Challenge

Due to fierce competition in the region, promotion was challenging. The cost per click amounted to $5, while the lead cost stood at $60-80 for the expected conversion rate of 3%. Based on these data, our work focused on the following two aims: generate traffic at the maximum cost per click (CPC) and increase the conversion rate.

When Сarpetprowash came to Netpeak, the main source of requests were Instagram and Facebook. Our experts were tasked with obtaining from additional sources the maximum number of leads whose price wouldn’t exceed the limit of $20.

Promotion goals:

  1. Determine the minimum cost of leads on the client’s website.
  2. Obtain the maximum number of leads within the given budget.

The Solution

As we realized that we were working with quite an expensive project, we started out at the bottom stage of the purchase funnel in our promotion strategy. In other words, we were meeting the demand for search requests.

In the first stage, we mainly focused on implementing search campaigns on Google Ads. Our action plan had the following steps.

  1. Thoroughly develop semantics; secure geotargeting grouping and grouping by commercial offers; select as many negative keywords as possible.
  2. Test search advertisements by city and district.
  3. Test media campaigns through targeting by hobbies and intentions; undertake remarketing activities.
  4. Improve the website’s usability.

A designer from Netpeak developed the concept and designed relevant banners, for example:

The Results

  1. It took only a week after the media campaigns were launched for brand traffic to increase by 200%.
  2. Cost per click stood at $0.93.
  3. The lead price dropped to $20 and remains unchanged for the second consecutive month.


Anna Samus’, project manager at Netpeak:

We have managed to reach such great results thanks to the willingness of our client to experiment, test out different hypotheses in practice and subsequently draw conclusions. The Сarpetprowash team have fully immersed themselves in the project. They take a keen interest in various approaches to adjusting settings, whilst coming up with their own ideas and hypotheses on promotion.

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