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Sportcenter Store success story: how to achieve a 295% increase in transactions in a month

Service: PPC.

Niche: Sportswear and sports shoes.

Result: 295% increase in transactions with CPA growth of 64%.

The Client

Sportcenter Store officially represents brands Puma (Germany), Giorgio Armani (Italy, collection EA7 Emporio Armani), For Friends (Great Britain), which stores are located in different cities of Ukraine. Sporty, casual clothing, shoes for training, walking, outdoor activities, outerwear - all this is presented on the site, and detailed reviews can be found on Instagram.

The Challenge

The Sportcenter Store team was getting a steady stream of customers and sales but wanted to ramp up their advertising campaigns and achieve increased conversions. The challenges were:

  • scale the business and increase the number of transactions brought in through Google Ads and Facebook;
  • the permissible growth of the CPA, in this case, should not exceed 100%. 

The Solution

  1. To scale, we pre-configured the Google Ads conversion tag and debugged analytics. And to track purchases/additions to cart and collect statistics, we set up Facebook Pixel events.
  2. Set up a technical task for the Merchant feed and the Facebook directory. It required adjustments, to segment merchandise by promotions, by margin, we needed to fix bugs. Among other things, we segmented the shopping by average check. So users saw a more attractive price for an item or more items in the search results.
  3. Launched category search campaigns to drive more traffic to the site and, as a result, boost shopping campaigns.
  4. Excluded brand mentions from search and DSA campaigns (dynamic search ads). 
  5. Launched the promotional campaigns in the contextual-media network of Google.
  6. The following campaigns were used for promotion on Facebook:
  • launch of conversion campaigns by brands;
  • the launch of the catalog — the analog of Google Ads trading campaigns;
  • launching campaigns with DABA (Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences ) to show advertising to a wide audience. 
  1. Also used dynamic remarketing campaigns and promotional traffic campaigns. 

The Result

We were able to find the best sales tools and channels for the client. Achieved the original goals and improved their effectiveness, profitability, and volume in the future. 

  1. Increased transactions — by over 295%.
  2. Increased CPA by 64% with an initial requirement of not exceeding 100%.


максим устиновский спортцентр

Maxim Ustinovsky, Head of ecommerce at Sportcenter Store:

I have known the Netpeak agency since 2012 and in that time I have worked with the company already on more than five projects. What led us to the joint successful result this time? Marketing — is not only about creativity and luck, but it also is first and foremost mathematics, so KPIs play an important role. Plus daily monitoring of key metrics. All this allows you to keep a hand on the pulse and quickly make adjustments to the advertising campaigns and promotion strategy.

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