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SEO-promotion case of eco-products and natural cosmetics store: ROMI 129%

Service: SEO.
Niche: health and beauty.

Result: organic search sales increased from 0 to 3440$, ROMI up to 129%.

The Client

The client did not have an offline store or a well-known brand. Brand development came from distribution meetings. At the start, the client only had a young website, which is generally not trusted by search engines. The age of the domain at the time the client came to the company - 1 month. The CMS of the site did not allow to implement all the improvements qualitatively and in a short time.

The Challenge

Our main goal — is to increase sales and revenue for the client: 

  1. Increase of targeted traffic to the site. 
  2. Increase the transaction rate.
  3. Increase of average check.

The Solution

  1. Internal optimization of the site. Initially formed a technical audit of the site.
  2. Compiled a detailed semantic kernel.
  3. Work with content and structure of the site.
  4. Optimization of product cards. Rewritten texts for pages of product cards + tab "composition" was hidden for indexing.
  5. Setting up a competent cross-linking on the site.
  6. Building a quality link profile.
  7. Improved usability of the site. Simplified order form. Add additional blocks on different types of pages.

The Result

  1. Sales went from 0 to 57 per month.
  2. Turnover increased from 0 to $3440 (only from organic search, not including phone sales). 
  3. ROMI — 129%.

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