Success Story of Kievstroy: Traffic Increased by 121% and Revenue Rose by 413%

Service: SEO.
Niche: Real estate.

Results: Search traffic increased by 121%.

The Client

The company has been in the market for 10 years. During this period, the brand has gained a reputation for being a reliable supplier. Therefore, it receives significant discounts and is able to offer low and competitive prices.

The Challenge

We faced the following challenges:

  1. Fixing the structure of URL addresses.
  2. Fixing errors in internal optimization.
  3. Optimizing backlinks.
  4. Enhancing the content.
  5. Extending the structure of the website.
  6. Working out behavioral factors to improve key indicators of the website — first and foremost, sales.
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The Solution

  1. URL addresses of the previous site were linked with the new one.
  2. Backlinks were sorted.
  3. A detailed technical audit of the site was conducted.
  4. Tags (title, h1) and metatags (description) in the form of optimized templates, as well as with manual adjustment were formed.
  5. An extended structure of the site was formed based on semantic core, competitor analysis and in house assortment.
  6. Recommendations were made in order to increase the transaction rate.
  7. Usability of the website was analyzed.
  8. Micro mark-ups were implemented.
  9. The website was featured in Google Quick Replies (Featured Snippet).
  10. Construction calculators were added.
  11. A detailed content audit was conducted.
  12. A systematic increase in external link was set up.

The Results

    1. Over the last month of promotion (relative to the start month), search traffic had grown by 121%. 
    2. Over the entire optimization period, all conversion indicators showed positive changes.
    • Transaction rate increased by 131%.
    • Transactions went up by 400%.
    • Revenue was boosted by 1053.25%.

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