Email Marketing Case Study – How Email Generated 30% of Total Revenue Across All Sales Channels

Service: Email marketing.
Niche: Jewellery.

Results: Revenue from emails increased to 87%, ROMI increased by 500%.

The Client

Over the past few decades, charm bracelets of a modern design have been gaining popularity. Pandora, the jewelry brand which made them its hallmark, was founded in 1982. The first Pandora brand store in Kazakhstan was opened in 2015 in Dostyk Plaza mall. Now, there are more than 29 Pandora stores all over the country.

When the client contacted us, their email channel was already quite effective. However, the team felt that there was still room for improvement. So, they turned to us for our expertise and to obtain an outside perspective.

The Challenge

As the mailing list was already working well, it was challenging to achieve a significant boost in sales. The total revenue ceiling could be no more than 20-25%.

Another challenging aspect was that the customers and subscribers were familiar with the style in emails. Thus, it was critical to preserve the brand image without making excessive changes to the email design.

Also, from our experience, we could tell that the client expected to see increase in sales across a very short-term period. Hence, we did not have much time for testing. Despite these limitations, the emails had potential for improvement.

Our goals:

  1. Take the existing sales channel to the next level.
  2. Boost sales from email.

The Solution

  1. We started by updating email templates. As the design had not been changed for a long time, it became boring to the customers.
  2. Then, we conducted analytics. We extended the trigger-based mail list and updated the design of existing ones. Disclaimer – the client had only basic triggers set up. There was a need to change and correct the design.
  3. As a consequence, we identified errors in the links used in the emails.
  4. After that, the content plan was changed. We diversified news breaks, added new headings, and analyzed what worked and what did not. The existing trigger-based letter design was updated.
  5. We changed and refreshed subscription forms.
  6. Customers generally don't like it when they are asked to buy something. Previous emails were focused on selling and had similar subject lines. Therefore, we updated the content plan.
  7. We realized that the list had few active contacts and low engagement. So, we improved database quality in order to engage users more effectively.
  8. Lastly, we used AMP emails, unique promo codes, gamification and entertaining texts.

The Results

  1. Once we updated the trigger-based letter design, revenue from email marketing increased by 25.9%.
  2. We reached a point at which triggers made up 80% to 87% of the revenue.
  3. Changes in the content plan (gamification, tests, AMPs) made the newsletters more interesting. Manual mailings revenue increased by 24.42%.
  4. Eventually, the email channel started making 33.68% of the total revenue.
  5. As a result of our strategy, ROMI increased by 500%.


Alina Pshenichnikova, Middle Email Marketer, Netpeak:

The client always reacted to the proposals: new approaches, ideas — all this was perceived readily and our team was given the green light. The coordination at each stage was prompt, ideas were implemented quickly as well.

Violetta Gusak, Middle Project Manager, Netpeak:

Netpeak and Pandora have a very well-coordinated team. This allows us to be on the same wavelength, come up with ideas, implement tests, quickly solve problems, and as a result, achieve good results and KPI.

Ekaterina Shipacheva, Marketing Manager,

We approached Netpeak to bring the email channel to the next level, improve the trigger card and grow in quantitative terms.

Initially, the task was to provide a precise and clear brand strategy. Time for familiarization was limited, some information was learned during the work, but the team quickly understood the key points.

Together we made a great update of the email channel and still continue to develop it. And if there is a secret recipe for achieving results, then it is simple — do not be afraid of experiments, offer new formats and assemble a team that loves their work.

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