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Case Studies Paid Media success story: how to sell beds on Facebook

Service: PPC.

Niche: furniture.

Result: the launch of dynamic remarketing in test mode.

The Client is the official dealer of over 30 factories producing mattresses and of over 20 factories producing furniture and bed clothes. The company offers a wide selection of items while also helping create tailored furniture and design as well as free delivery and installation.

The Challenge

Our cooperation with Matrason in the field of the PPC-services lasted for about a year. As soon as we managed to make the project profitable, the client assigned us with a task of testing Facebook as a possible source of traffic.

The main goal of the promotion was to recoup the costs of ads placed on Facebook.

The Solution

We decided to use dynamic remarketing on Facebook. It worked for those users that had already visited the company’s website meaning that the likelihood of a purchase was higher.

  1. We set up the Facebook Pixel.
  2. We set up Pixel Events. In terms of correct functioning of dynamic marketing it involved the following features:
  • ViewContent — view of product cards;
  • AddToCart — adding to cart;
  • Purchase — successful purchase.
  1. We uploaded a data (feed) catalogue. We deployed feed for the Merchant Center by uploading it to a Facebook account and segmenting it down into groups of products that were being tested.
  2. We set up the campaign by:
  • Focusing on those users who have viewed the product in question or added it to cart, without having made a purchase;
  • Using one of the client’s unique selling propositions as a message.

The Result

The ration between company’s net worth and its revenues two weeks after the test period:

matras net revenue

net worth/revenues


Dmitry Ivanov, operational director at Matrason:

Previously, we would bring in particular specialists with expertise in different fields who would deal with the website promotion. However, after some time we came to realize that we were spending too much time on work organization and communication between contractors. After having conducted monitoring of the market of SEO agencies in Ukraine, we set our sights on Netpeak.

During our cooperation with the Netpeak team they demonstrated their professionalism, precision and coherent approach. All these features manifested themselves during the implementation of weekly/monthly plans regarding different ad areas and the promotion of our project in general.

Netpeak’s experts keep constantly abreast of the latest developments in the field while helping us make money with the help of every available Internet marketing instrument.

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