Case Study: PPC for HoReCa Company – Profit Went Up By 315% in Five Months

Service: PPC.

Niche: HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes/Catering).

Results: The client's orders doubled 10-15 days after the campaign launch.

The Client

"Econom Service" sells household goods for HoReCa and homes. The company has been operating in the retail sector for more than 17 years and has been in the wholesale market for several years. Its clients include cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, recreation centers, beauty salons, medical institutions, and children's entertainment centers.

The Challenge

Together with the client, we set the following goals:

  • attract new regular customers in the B2B segment;
  • month-over-month sales growth;
  • increase average paycheck and income, as well as brand awareness.

The company's site is built on the Ukrainian platform For Internet marketers, working with the platform involves certain difficulties. For example, there is no option to install custom codes or use Google Tag Manager to set up event tracking.

However, there are alternatives for setting up the minimum kit necessary for promotion: Google Analytics, Pixel for Facebook, dynamic remarketing, and the ability to create a product feed for the Facebook Catalogue and Merchant Center.

The Solution

On Google Ads, we set up the following tools.

  1. Smart Shopping. Initially, the product campaign worked for all the products on the site. After collecting statistics, we divided Smart Shopping into product categories for greater efficiency.
  2. Search campaigns. We set up a regular search campaign, a dynamic campaign for priority categories, and a branded advertising campaign.
  3. We set up a contextual media network Discovery Ads campaign to attract new customers to the site and increase brand awareness.

For Facebook and Instagram, we set up campaigns with the strategy of conversions (i.e., sales of goods from the catalog). We specifically targeted these groups:

  • New users with HoReCa interests narrowed by Wholesale interests and Engaged Buyers behaviors.
  • New users including business owners, office managers, restaurant administrators, and directors.
  • Dynamic remarketing involving all visitors to the site in the last 14 days who looked at the product card but didn't make a purchase.

The Results

  1. According to Google and Facebook analytics, profit went up by 315%.
  2. The price per click decreased by 42% on Google Ads and 4% on Facebook.
  3. In the first month after advertising on social networks and Google Ads, the project reached a ROMI of 38%. By the end of the campaign, this figure had drastically increased to 226%.
  4. Over five months, an average of 19% of users returned to the site and consistent monthly growth was achieved.


Anastasia Kulieva, Head of Marketing at Econom Service:

When starting the cooperation, there were doubts about advertising profitability since it is not our tailored site, although the niche falls within a competency. We had to consider the specifics of client service.

There are sales representatives and customers in our niche who are used to shopping offline.

Luckily, Netpeak dispelled our fears from the first month by proving advertising can also bring clients to our niche.

The most memorable was a sharp increase in orders. 10-15 days after signing the contract, the number of orders doubled.

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