The Success Story of La Novale Dress Boutique – ROMI 109% in Two Months

Service: PPC.

Niche: Evening and wedding dresses.

Results: We procured leads at a reduced cost ($2 less than expected!).

The Client

La Novale is a Ukrainian evening and wedding dress boutique located in Odesa. The dresses are sold both online and at the La Novale showroom. The sale of wedding dresses is a highly competitive business niche with strong seasonality.

This case study will be helpful for small and medium-sized businesses with limited marketing budgets.

The Challenge is not a conventional online store. The site contains product cards with the article number for each dress but the prices and showroom availability are not displayed. This layout aims to encourage customers to contact La Novale consultants for more details before placing an order.

Here is a typical user experience of La Novale: a customer looking for a festive outfit sees an advertisement, calls a consultant, and makes an appointment for a fitting. Therefore, it can be challenging to identify the number of customers who originate from contextual advertising.

In addition, when the campaign started, the store did not have the extended e-commerce module set up. Nevertheless, based on Google Analytics reports, the client and our team determined the actual cost of the lead and approved the goal of receiving calls and requests through the site with a maximum price of $11 to attract a customer.

The Solution

  1. By setting up static and dynamic call-tracking from Ringostat, we could identify the sources of traffic and obtain detailed information for analytics and optimization.
  2. The number of dress fitting requests were tracked through a special application form on the site.
  3. We also performed optimization of search campaigns.
  • Dynamic remarketing was launched.
  • Search campaigns were launched with specific targeting for Odessa.
  • Search campaigns targeting other cities (Kyiv and Dnipro) were tested. Over time, they were unprofitable, and so we focused only on Odessa.
  • Dynamic search campaigns were launched.

4. Next, we installed the Stop-Exit script from Netpeak Cloud, an additional SEO service. Stop-Exit helps keep visitors on the site and reduces the bounce rate. How it works: when the user's mouse hovers over the icon to close the tab, a popup window appears with an offer. If the user clicks on that window and goes to another section of interest, the length of time he stays on the site increases which multiplies the conversion likelihood.

The Results

In two months, the managers at La Novale received 73 calls and 32 requests for a fitting. The cost of a call was $9.5, almost $2 less than the expected price. The ROMI of all advertising campaigns was 109%.

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