SEO Case Study – How to Increase Sales by 75% Through Internal Site Optimization

Service: SEO.
Niche: Household appliances.

Results: Sales increased by 75% in three months, while traffic grew by 30%.

The Client was created based on the Integral Plus network of electronics stores, whose history began in 2006 and which over the years has become one of the largest electronics retailers in Azerbaijan. had an ambitious goal — to become the best network in the country for the sale of electronics and home appliances.

The Challenge

  1. Increase traffic from Google.
  2. Increase the number of sales.
  3. Generate a high return on marketing investment after six months of work on the project.

The Solution

To achieve these goals, here is what we did.

  1. Widened the site structure. We created new subcategories and filter pages based on popular search queries.
  2. Optimized URLs. We decided to replace the transliteration of URLs from Russian to Azerbaijani.
  3. Optimized filters. This is an important step to expand the number of search queries, through which the potential audience can reach the site.

While working on this step, we faced certain difficulties. 

  • The site used a standard solution of the current CMS, which did not generate user-understandable URLs.
  • Only one template was used for the automatic formation of meta tags.

We redesigned the meta tag templates on the site's category pages and filter pages. We then created new templates for the generation of meta tags, which would sound natural in both Russian and Azerbaijani languages.

For commercial queries in searches (in Azerbaijani), queries with the word «For Sale» were more frequent than «Buy». This was in contrast to Runet, where queries with the word «buy» had a higher frequency.

The frequency of «phone» and «smartphone» were also different, as well as the way these words were spelled in the search bar.

For greater coverage, we added both keywords to the category pages.

  1. Added a link element in the <head> section of the pages to indicate the site's language versions.
  2. Created HTML and XML sitemaps. Configured 301 redirects for pages with duplicate content.
  3. Prevented certain pages of the site from being indexed. For example, search pages, registration forms, order details, and shopping cart.
  4. Defined canonical URLs.

The Results

  1. Traffic from search engines increased by 30% in three months and continues to grow.
  2. Sales increased by 75% in three months. Most visits came from Baku, accounting for more than 90% of the traffic. This is to be expected as Baku is a business and financial center, and the largest city in Azerbaijan.
  3. The main growth in traffic and sales came from the desktop version of the site: traffic grew by 18% and sales by 45%.

In the future, we plan to optimize additional meta tags for the local version of the online store. We are currently consulting with project representatives who are native speakers of the local language.

There are also plans to further develop the mobile version of the site —  a powerful growth point that could generate significant traffic in the short term.

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