Success Story: Increase the Number of Calls by 107% Over 6 Months

Service: SEO.

Niche: Web and communication platforms.

Results: Increased conversion rate to 2.04% and boosted the number of calls by 107%.

The Client

Kassaba Systems Ltd. has been offering exclusive and standard technology solutions for 16 years.

The Challenge

The goal was to increase sales. Orders were mainly placed by phone, so the only way to measure our performance was by adding a call tracking system to analyze phone calls and advertising channels.

The Solution

In the first stage, we performed a full site audit and eliminated the technical bugs we found. Specifically, we did the following.

  1. Set up redirects correctly.
  2. Changed metadata (title, description, keywords, h1) for each page of the site.
  3. Removed pages without value to consumers and search engines.
  4. Optimized the structure of the site.
  5. Optimized landing pages.
  6. Optimized pagination pages.
  7. Implemented a link building script.

In the second stage, we implemented these steps.

  1. Set up a script to return visitors who are ready to leave the site (and to improve behavioral factors).
  2. Added contact phone numbers to all pages.
  3. Added the "Buy" button to product card pages.
  4. Placed text descriptions on the category pages under the photos of products.
  5. Set up a callback widget.

The Results

Thanks to semantic core tuning, landing page optimization and Ringostat services, we achieved significant results.

  • The number of calls increased by 107%.
  • The conversion rate increased from 0.68% to 2.04%.

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