Gradinamax Success Story: How to Launch Online Seed and Seedling Stores in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia

Service: SEO.

Niche: House and garden.

Region: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

Results: Positive growth in just one month after the launch.

The Client

Gradinamax is a group of companies that sells quality seeds and seedlings in Ukraine and Central and Eastern European countries. This group has a network of online stores in diverse domain zones and regions.

The Challenge

We have been working with the company since 2014. This time, the client turned to us for help preparing and launching sites in new Central European countries. At that point, we had already experienced a successful joint launch in Romania. Gradinamax then decided to venture into the markets of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

The Solution

  1. To begin, competitive analysis was performed. We studied the technical indicators of rival sites, content, and backlinks. Competitive analysis also included product variety research to understand delivery terms and specific goods to focus on all these are important metrics for the seasonal plants' niche.
  2. We made recommendations for the technical performance of the sites:
  • coordinated the site structure based on the assortment of plants;
  • prepared templates to make user-friendly URLs;
  • made recommendations on the site elements essential for correct search engine indexing and crawling.
  1. Next, we worked on the content including translation of site pages. We found native copywriters and translators in Czech, Slovak, and Bulgarian.
  2. After the site launch, we filled it with content and ran some tests. When all tests were passed successfully, the sites
    were made available for web crawlers.

The Results

Following the site launch in March 2022, there is an overall positive dynamic to analytics, and our client is happy with the website.



The Czech Republic




Important note: The sites are highly seasonal, and the niche experiences a sales slump in late April to early May.

In 2016, a site was launched in Romania using a similar algorithm. Its current market share is 7.8%.

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Elena Kavchak, Business Manager, Enterprise Department, Netpeak:

We achieved these results mainly due to the effective and coordinated joint work of the Netpeak team and the client's team. Thanks to adjusted processes, we were able not only to launch sites in new countries successfully but also to set up and run tools for paid traffic at the same time. The result was a successful launch in three new markets in Western Europe.

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