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"House and Garden" success story — traffic from search increased by 200%, revenue increased by 70.7%

Service: SEO.
Niche: house and garden.

Result: traffic from search increased by 200% and revenue increased by 70.7%

The Client

"House and Garden" — is a group of companies that sells quality seeds and seedlings in Ukraine and countries of Eastern and Western Europe.

They have a network of online stores that are based in different domain zones: (Ukraine), pl (Poland), ro (Romania). When we undertook the project, globally it was in a certain stagnation in terms of growth of organic traffic from search engines. Development was successful in most regions, but Ukraine with its developed agrarian economy is one of the most popular and attractive markets for gardening topics, and at the same time, there is fierce competition. And especially the situation with the Ukrainian site left much to be desired.

The Challenge

  1. Increase the flow of target audience from search engines to the sites "House and Garden".
  2. To grow the transaction rate in the priority markets — so that people would not only go to the site but also buy products.

The Solution

It's important to make sure search engine robots have access to sites so that they crawl and index them quickly. The better this process works — the better visibility of the site in search (this is not the only factor, but very important). To do this, we conducted a comprehensive technical audit, which affects all areas of search engine optimization:

  • scanning;
  • indexation;
  • loading speed;
  • micro markup for extended snippets.

The checklist usually contains 50-60 items. But two similar sites can’t exist and there is always some unique problem in a particular project.

We also carried out a number of works on content optimization:

  1. Prepared new content (short and succinct page descriptions).
  2. Optimized meta tags (page titles).
  3. Adjusted the page linking (links to each other).

Linking strategy:

  1. Building up link mass is still an important component of successful SEO-promotion.
  2. It is necessary to constantly analyze the link profile of competitors to find growth points and see the dynamics of the project. For the analysis, we used API Ahrefs, but you can build visualizations based on downloads from the interface.

The Result

In the 2020 season, we had a 200% increase in organic traffic, and revenue grew by 70.7%.


Alexandra Konivenko, SEO specialist at Netpeak:

House and Garden Project Group was my first project after joining the Netpeak family, and I still run it. The secret of success — is well-coordinated teamwork, close communication with the team on the client side, clear and fast execution of technical tasks. It's just what we love!

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