OLX (by Naspers) Case Study: How to Grow Paid Downloads by 80% with ASA While Reducing CPI

Service: Mobile app advertising.

Niche: Mobile apps.

Results: In just two months, we achieved installs that were 35% cheaper than the average CPI of paid sources on this platform.

The Client

OLX is the most comprehensive online classifieds platform in Ukraine. It brings people together to buy, sell, or exchange goods and services.

The Challenge

We have been working with the company since 2007. Following Apple's geo-targeting expansion to Ukraine, with the advent of their advertising tools, we decided to launch campaigns in Apple Search Ads to attract more relevant iOS device users.

The Solution

For this project, we decided on the Advanced package as our advertising toolkit. It provides the maximum possible leverage on campaigns:

  • No monthly budget constraints.
  • The ability to target keywords, not only through automatic optimization of the system to select the relevant, in its opinion, audience (machine learning).
  • More flexibility in rate adjustments.
  • Access to detailed reports.

Here is what we did:

  1. We built the campaign structures and divided the advertising campaigns for attracting traffic into a few main categories.
  2. Next, we collected keywords and shaped semantics based on the nuances of App Store search. Unlike the classic Google search, in the mobile app store, the user either knows the exact name of the desired application or utilizes simple unbranded search terms.
  3. We then made campaign settings relevant to our objectives in terms of the following:
  • An initial trial budget for the campaigns was set.
  • The maximum optimal CPT limitation (Cost Per Tap) was based on our experience from the previous projects.
  • Audience included all new users, returning users, or clients using other apps.

The Results

  1. At the launch of our campaign, the cost per install with the first opened app was 39% less than on Google Ads.
  2. Following the AC optimization, we increased the number of installs daily by 119% on average, with a 13% increase in CPI during the first weeks.

In just two months with ASA, we were able to get installs that were 35% cheaper than the average CPI of paid sources on that platform.

  1. With Apple Search Ads, the number of iOS downloads from paid sources increased by 80%, while CPI decreased by 11%. Compared to Google Ads (UAC), ASA had a CPI that was 42% lower.


Nikita Egoja, Performance Marketing Manager, OLX Ukraine, and Central Asia:

At OLX, we consistently use all available technologies for marketing, and Apple Search Ads is no exception. OLX mobile app runs on almost every second smartphone in Ukraine. We saw this tool as a new growth point and an opportunity to make a name on the App Store.

OLX has been cooperating with the team of Netpeak experts for many years, and there were no doubts when choosing a contractor to develop the new tool. What we like about working with Netpeak is the prompt adjustments and implementation of new tools. The results of our collaboration always live up to expectations.

Thanks to the Netpeak team for the well-thought campaign structure, we've been able to get great results and build up our customer base among iOS device users effectively.

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